Saturday, September 22, 2012


If I'll be given a challenge of not having a loving partner in return of giving a homeless family a house of their own, I believe I'll be taking it with no doubt. You know, for me, life's not all about being happy in terms of romance. It's about having this one of a kind feeling of satisfaction in terms of soul gratification.

If I'll be choosing between me and a broke love one to whom a million-dollar cheque will be given to, I think I myself will hand it to him. I really believe that even if you're the richest man in the world but you don't have anyone to share it to, you may feel alone some time. As the song Price Tag says, it's not about the money, money, money. I'm sure that that someone will be grateful for that gesture and I'll feel a somewhat self satisfaction that is felt once in a blue moon.

If me and a very close friend of mine both fell in love with just one guy, we can imagine that I'll give him(in case he's gay)/her the way given that he's also in love with him/her. It's not all the time that you're given a chance to do a good thing in your life. I'm sure I'll not be making any move to ruin their relationship if in case I'm still in love with the guy. I'm already used to being alone and as I always say in this blog, I'm already prepared of being alone in the future. Drama te? Hahaha. 

Well, my point is I'm ready to give self-sacrifices in return of the happiness of any love one.  

But come to think of it, it'll be perfect if we will all be rich, the homeless family will have a house of their own and we'll have a partner that will be there with us no matter what. Isn't that happy? I'm sure contentment will be in our hearts and the world will be a better place. :)

KSGB! :-)

Friday, September 21, 2012


I think Covin still don't have a work up to this moment. It's been a year and a half since he graduated and fast approaching to 12 months since they passed the ECE licensure examination. Covin was a valedictorian in middle school. He's a consistent dean's lister except for just a semester. He almost got a Latin honor in college but he still don't have a job. Maybe he lacks virtues in terms of determination. 

I just realized one thing. It's not all about intelligence. You still need many factors in order to penetrate the corporate world. Not just good grades, neither recognitions and awards nor the school you came from. I was lucky I got a job several weeks after graduation. I maybe didn't start right after I got the congratulatory handshake from my interviewer but I'm already assured that I already will not struggle with finding a work. 

I know the feeling Covin's been going through. I, too, felt like the world's going to erupt anytime soon because of all the pressures you're facing. I'm just praying Covin won't give up and will soon find a job. Fingers crossed. :) KSGB! :-)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Serious Talk With My Mom

I was sitting in a jeepney going to Ayala when the lowest rib on the left side of my rib cage suddenly hurt. I thought I'll not be able to rode off the jeep because of that sudden attack of pain. Good thing I was able to endure the pain until I got home.

When I entered the office and told the story to my officemate, she advised me to already go to the hospital. I  already arranged my schedule for that day to go to the hospital but I noticed that the pain was still bearable so I decided to postponed the plan of going to the hospital until weekend in case the pain is still there.

I got home and told my mom what I'm feeling and she offered a massage. I'm so happy because nothing is more soothing than mother's touch. Indeed it was, because the pain suddenly decreased. While she was massaging me, our talk suddenly became serious.

My mom knows that I'm gay. That I'm a one of the hopeless kind. Meaning, my gayness has reached the level that I already can't be converted to a kind of gay that's discreet and planning to have a family. My mother really worry about me and my sister's future. My sister is a lesbian. I know right! My family have all the types of sexual orientation. Enjoy! Hahaha. My sister is like me. A conservative type. She doesn't wear the typical lesbian's outfit but she also doesn't dress in a feminine way. I understand what my mom's feeling. I, too, had gone that way. Worrying about the way my sister and I were heading. She also pointed out that it's ok if she and my father will be forever there for us but she told me that that's impossible.

But as I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, I already pondered on some things and already planned for our future also. I know it's been a norm that a guy will marry a woman someday and they'll have a family but it's for a straight guy. I'm not straight so I'll not be able to do that. Hahaha. Finishing our conversation, I console her by telling her that don't worry about us. Happiness was not only obtained by having a family. I told her that I already have a plan for my self and for the rest of the family. She only sighed for an answer. I hope it's a sigh of relief. :-)   

KSGB! :-)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Am I The Only One Around Here

Am I the only gay guy around here who's still a virgin at the age of 21?

Who's still hasn't received his first romantic kiss yet?

Who doesn't have any account in all gay networking sites?

Who haven't been in gay bars or in clubs in Malate?

Who is not turned on my M2M videos?

Who still thinks we'll probably meet our future partner by bumping into him in the streets?

Who believes a hug is the sweetest gesture in the world?

Who still believes in fate?

Who still believes in destiny?

Who still believes in true love?

I hope not.

KSGB! :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Modern Heroes

I am already on my way home yesterday when I saw this classmate of mine circa 2002-2003. Actually he's also my schoolmate when we're in college but due to distant relation between our courses, all we'd do when we see each other were just simple nods and smiles. Anyway, I've learned that he's already a teacher in a private high school in Malate Manila. 

I don't know to myself but I always ask for their compensation everytime I meet someone at my age. Not really that I'm just comparing it to my income but I also want to know if their salary is equal compared to my other friends working in the same field. Like for example, my best friend is also a teacher in a public school. Better case because I can compare now the difference between the compensation of teachers in public and private schools. Actually, I'm not seeking for actual figures when I asked him that but to my surprise, he really told me numbers. And I'm schocked with what I've learned.

I have a bigger salary than my best friend. Not that big difference though. And my best friend has a bigger salary than him. With the same difference between me and my bestfriend. I'm just wondering how can he cope up with that kind of monthly income. I know the responsibilities of being a worker because I have all of that right now. I've pondered last night with the fact that he's living his life working with a very stressful job having an above the minimum wage and here I am blogging during office hours.

All of us will agree that teachers should be considered as the heroes of the new generation. Imagine the hardships they're going through with their everyday life. My friend told me that he has a call time of 7am and he wasn't able to go home at 4pm because he's busy preparing grades for the children. And guess what, out of the 6 sections he's handling in Filipino subject, 36 children we'll be tagged as failed this first grading period. And I can see in his eyes that he's having a hard time thinking of some ways just to not do what he's about to do. Imagine that!

Yesterday's ride with him was an eye-opener for me. I think I'm just living my life to the fullest not thinking the consequences I'll be facing once emergencies come in my way. I'm already working for two years now and I'm earning an amount which I think is enough for me to contribute with our daily expenses in the house, give little luxuries to myself and save. But the third one's been flying into oblivion. I can't help myself spending money. Actually, I'm having a hard time controlling myself  using my credit card. But to be honest, majority of the transactions on my credit card bill were for food. So it decreases my guilt. Hahaha. Another one is, I'm only 21 and I'm hoping I'll be able to save in the near future. Lame excuse I know. LOL. Anyway, I'm very proud of my friends who did it into their chosen career. Even if it's Engineering, IT, Nursing, Med(still studying), Law(still studying), Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Business Management, even the already moms and dads out there taking care of their super cute kids and of course the Teachers that helped us in walking in our way to where we are right now. Love you all. :-) 

KSGB! :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple VS. The World

Apple just recently won a $1-billion battle against its biggest rivalry, Samsung. Apple claims that Samsung copied some of Apple products' techonology such as the "bounce-back" feature which explains the zooming just with a finger tap. Apple says that this technology was already patented by them meaning no other tech company can use the same techonology.

Apple's aim for the lawsuit is to block the distribution of some Samsung products in different countries around the globe. In return, Samsung also filed lawsuits against Apple Inc. Due to the heated war against the two gigantic techonology companies, a total of 50 lawsuits against each other were filed from 10 different countries. Read it in here. Shit just got serious.  

Seems like the world's really tuned in into this war of the century, even action star Bruce Willis wants to participate. Willis pointed out that even though you pay for a download, you don't technically own it. Bruce wants to give his huge music collection on to his children but under the iTunes agreement, he can't. Looks like Samsung found its friend already.

Due to its trend in the tech world, people got hook into the funny idea of Apple suing Samsung for copying their "rounded corners" design. Because of this, several funny pictures created by humorous people rolled into the internet. Hahaha.

and my most favorite of all. I laughed my heart out after I saw this. Hahaha.

Looks like people took Samsung side on this war. You, where side are thou?

Source of images : Google Images.

KSGB! :-)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bullying At Its Finest

I'm lurking at PEx when I stumbled upon a thread about bullying. I googled some articles about bullying and below were the things I've found.

I was so sad when I read these news because I can relate. I've always felt like I'm bullied since ages ago. Everytime I walk in our street, kids will yell at me saying "Gay! Gay!" as if I'm denying it; boys will start looking at each other and strike a smile on their faces as I'm a big disappointment to their specie and people would look at me in a humiliating way obviously referring for my existence in what they call "abnormal world".

I don't understand why they do that. I don't think it brings any good to them. I'm not sure if they get satisfaction from what they're doing. In case they are, I believe they're a having a very bad habit. Believe it or not, every night I'm having my time talking to God, asking for strength, I always come to a point that I would pray to Him to eradicate homosexuality in the world in the future generations. Why? I'm hoping for it because I'm aware that the road the homos were walking is a not so easy one. Don't get me wrong, I love my colleagues in sexuality, even the gays in the future. Lol. It's just that, I love them so much that I don't want them to experience the hardships taken by the non-heterosexuals.

I know I'm a weakling when it comes to bullying. You can see me emotionless when I'm embarrassed by other people but when the time I got home and I'm already hugging my pillow, silent cries will fill the room. I almost lost my confidence because of that. I came to a point that I'll pray to Him to already get me out of this cruel world but when I think of the people I'll leave, I'll change my mind and I'll just wish to him more and more strength to continue my battle in this planet. I never planned to have suicide because it's wrong. Taking your own life as if you really own it? I don't think it's a good idea.

Right now, I'm working hard for my family and for myself. For the bullies to know that God exists and play the game of life fairly. I'm still humbled even though I can already tell them face to face that the kid they bullied years ago is already having a great time of his life. The sad truth that they will remain bullies for the rest of their lives will be my sweet revenge for them. "Mean" by Taylor Swift will be my song for them. :-)

KSGB! (Short for Keep Safe God Bless.) Hahaha. :-)  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Magic Ball 2012

I've always been fascinated scrutinizing (not physically though) gowns of women walking on the red carpet. I think being gay really influenced me a lot in terms of fashion. Actually, if I'm just good at drawing, I think I'll study another course and shift my path into fashion design but unfortunately, I'm not. Hahaha. Anyway, below are my Best and Worst Dressed in the Star Magic Ball 2012. It's still on-going while I'm writing this so sorry for some lacking info. I know we have different tastes when it comes to fashion but I really do believe that gays' instincts are somewhat connected to each other when fashion's the topic. I'll prove it by letting you see the pics below. :-)

My BEST DRESSED are as follows: 

The Sophisticated Ones

I don't know this girl but her name is Jerica Ejercito. 
Her gown was made by Rajo Laurel himself.
No wonder the dress is so stylish.

Devon Seron from PBB wore a classic black and white gown.
Simple but became elegant because of the crystals above her waist.
I don't like her purse though.

Here's Rica Peralejo wearing a black and white cocktail dress.
The belt accentuated the top part of the dress and
 its shine help the dress to have life.
I think the pearl necklaces were already not needed. 
A simple white necklace will do. 

The Fabulous Ones

 Scene burglar Bea Alonzo wore a feathery gown.
Nobody can resist looking at her "how-many-chicken-died" dress,
I believe so.
Confidence of Bea really helped her dress fantastically.
I don't think anybody can't cope up with dress except for her.

Kim Chiu nailed it again with her white gown  created by Edwin Tan 
bombarded with white stones.
The bottom part of the dress accentuate the refined skin of her.
The breast part of the dress would have been better 
if the gown's breast canal is wider.
That's just my opinion though. 
Nevertheless, the gown looks really good on her.

Maja Salvador proved that she's not a teenie weenie anymore 
when she ramped her gown.
I love how the part of the gown below her waist began to fly.
I also adore how her hair flows down to her gown 
which added spice to her look.

My Best Dressed of all is none other than Shaina Magdayao.
I don't like Shaina but when I saw this picture of hers,
 I know I'll not be biased.
This gown is to die for. Look how it emphasized her curves.
The backless effect of the gown will say to you that 
wait 'till you see entirety of me.
And it really did amazed me by the looks of her down below.
See how glamorous the gown? Hands up! Need I say more?


I'll just give a one word description for each one. Haha!

Angelica Panganiban by Ellie Saab

Bangs Garcia

Julia Montes by Pepsi Herrera

Kathryn Bernardo by Rhett Eala

Source : Google Images. LOL

That's all guys! Any violent reactions?LOL. Keep safe! Godbless. xoxo :-)