Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple VS. The World

Apple just recently won a $1-billion battle against its biggest rivalry, Samsung. Apple claims that Samsung copied some of Apple products' techonology such as the "bounce-back" feature which explains the zooming just with a finger tap. Apple says that this technology was already patented by them meaning no other tech company can use the same techonology.

Apple's aim for the lawsuit is to block the distribution of some Samsung products in different countries around the globe. In return, Samsung also filed lawsuits against Apple Inc. Due to the heated war against the two gigantic techonology companies, a total of 50 lawsuits against each other were filed from 10 different countries. Read it in here. Shit just got serious.  

Seems like the world's really tuned in into this war of the century, even action star Bruce Willis wants to participate. Willis pointed out that even though you pay for a download, you don't technically own it. Bruce wants to give his huge music collection on to his children but under the iTunes agreement, he can't. Looks like Samsung found its friend already.

Due to its trend in the tech world, people got hook into the funny idea of Apple suing Samsung for copying their "rounded corners" design. Because of this, several funny pictures created by humorous people rolled into the internet. Hahaha.

and my most favorite of all. I laughed my heart out after I saw this. Hahaha.

Looks like people took Samsung side on this war. You, where side are thou?

Source of images : Google Images.

KSGB! :-)

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