Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ang Bulate, Bow!!!

I love Math, really. I profess; I’m one of those geeky persons associated to Descartes (LOL). I can’t line myself to the most intelligent persons I know when it comes to the field of Mathematics but I can say that, I’m not swanking it; I’m lying on above average when it comes to Math. I told you last time that I, with my friends, am not seriously studying when we’re on our freshmen year. But my passion in solving not-so-helpful-to-everyday-life math problems has thrown away that laziness. I got an average grade in College Algebra and Trigonometry when I finished my 1st year in the university.

When I hopped in to my course, everybody is chattering about our Calculus I (Math Analysis I) professor. As they say, she is one of the most terrifying professors they have ever met in our school. And that fuzz became a fact when she entered our room. The atmosphere became different. Everybody shut their mouth up and bowed their heads down. When she started lecturing, you should listen conscientiously so you can answer the next meeting’s assignment. Why the hell you should? It is because everybody should have at least one recitation within the semester. Because of that protocol and the fact that the subject was really hard, I had a low grade in that subject. To tell you a story, I haven’t got the chance to recite ‘til the time my professor demand (?) me to. I mean, recitations are voluntary and I don’t have the guts that time to write my answer on the board and explain it. So since it is a requirement to have at least one recitation, my prof commanded us to have one.

Where’s the worm?, I think you’re asking this to yourself. Well, the “worm” I’m talking about is the Integral sign that we (with the force of my classmates, LOL) hated so much. Haha. In Calculus I, we had an introduction to that Integration and in our Calculus II (Math Analysis II), the harder part of it was discussed. I realized that time that my fright in my professor on Calculus I contributed a bit that resulted to my bad performance in that subject. I said it because on Calculus II where my professor was a peer-type of person, I got the chance to recover my drowned aptitude (haha) in Math.

I hate worms. No offense. Well, I will praise someone who loves it. Its soft and long body was the one I hate a lot. Aaarrrgggghhh!!! It’s so eewy(LOL)!!! I’m not criticizing worms because I know it helps a lot when it comes to the field of greens, its just that I can’t help looking at it. It’s because it belonged to the family of animals I loathe a lot. The one I hate most is the centipede. I almost faint whenever I see that disgusting creature. First, my head will became huge because of fear; next, my body will shiver a lot and after that, I can’t move single muscle for minutes. Haha.

Anyway, when it comes to “my” turf, Math, I’m loving worms like the love I’m giving to my favorites. Well, I think God is giving me this mockery because of my hatred on worms (LOL). Yngatz and Godbless.

My Ever Smiling Prof

Our enrollment for our 8th sem is scheduled October 30 this year. After finding out that I left some important papers in our house, I decided to get it. So some of my friends will already start the procedure while waiting for me. I came back to school 1 and a half hour after that. I was so disgusted when I learned that we can’t fully enroll that time because the school will only operate ‘til 12 pm. So we only accomplished the first step of the enrollment which is the processing of the PRF. Since we have nothing to do that time, we went to SM Manila to eat and watch a very cheap movie. Take note, the movie only cost Php 15.00. November 2 was holiday so the continuation of our enrollment rolled to November 3 and that is the first day to other colleges. After long hours of processing papers and paying some fees, two of my friends accompanied me to the mall to buy a bag. After that, we already went home to prepare for school since it is school time once again the day after that.

Our first subject for our first day for that sem is Engineering Economy. As the name implies, it can be assumed that the subject needs computation and my bestfriend calculator can be seen attached to our palms. That meeting is just like the typical first meeting with the non-dying introduce-yourself here and there. I can’t remember what definite meeting I noticed that cursed smile of my professor. One day I just laugh and smile because whenever he is speaking, his smile cannot be taken away from his face. Every time he lectures, asks questions, talks about his life, and even scolds his cute son, that ever-living smile of him can be seen from his face. I thought that is for only that specific time and after that, he will became very angry or mad or sad or irritated or something. But as the days go by, that mannerism of him didn’t change.

I don’t know what’s with him that he has that special attitude. I never saw a person with that kind of personality; so witty, happy-go-lucky, go-with-the-flow. Maybe he has a saying of “look at the brighter side of life” or a manner of “wear a mile on your face” or value of “thinking positive’. One day, I will just approach him and ask that question that is already bothering me for a while. Actually, it already brought me some sleepless nights (ECHOS!, LOL). But whatever it is, I’m giving him a round of applause because of that. Finished! Yngatz and Godbless.

I Almost Died That Semester

I have this senior friend of mine that once asked me if I’m serious in taking up the same course as hers. Right at that very moment, I wondered why she’s asking that question to me. As the days passed by, I just ignored that thinking of mine that the course I’m going to take will seize me to hell. Four consecutive semesters had gone by and I’m still wondering why she told that thing. I’m not saying that our course was just a piece of cake; it’s just that we had done what we should and want to do. Meaning, no pressures against us and no three nights with only 5 hours of sleep just like she said. Actually, we had the luxury of time doing non-academic things and even we had overnights that time, half of the occasions were reserved for doing some nonsense things. Until our 4th year came, first days was just the same as the initial days of the past sems, the only difference is that our professors told us the THINGS we have to do within that sem. I noticed that there are many reportings rather than presentations and defenses. As the weeks go by, all the reportings we have to do just passed our lives and the actual THING started to approach us: the ever-living DEFENSES. The first defense of us is on our subject Data Communications and Networking. I can say that its ok and we got a grade of 60+(I can’t remember the exact grade). It’s high isn’t it? (LOL). Seriously, yes, it is already a good catch for us.

Our second defense is the most memorable for me. That defense is part of our subject Automata and Language Theory. I advice you take notes of the not-so-good things happened to my on that day. Before I continue, let me tell you that we rented a room to do our school stuffs. It is located at EspaƱa, Manila. Like all of our classmates, we had an overnight the night before the defense. We have to do many materials and visuals to present during our defense. While doing the said materials and visuals, it started raining. I didn’t notice that it’s already raining hard because I’m getting myself busy doing our visual of Transition Diagram (what it is, never mind. It will not help you at all… haha). After feeling the shivering temp of the wind, hearing some thunder and became conscious of the time, that’s the time I panicked. Not only because of the flood we’re about to face but also for the effing (sorry for the term…=)) fact that it’s already 2:30 am and we’re only near halfway of our materials. Imagine, one piece of material is finished within 1 hr, we are to complete 4 more visual and we only have several hours to refine it. The clock is definitely ticking too fast and we noticed that it is already time for taking a bath. It’s already 4am and the call time is 7am. We didn’t finish the materials when we left the house. To our horror, the flood outside is up to the knee. We didn’t expect that since the owner of the house assured us that their place is safe from that disgusting flood. So we had no choice but to walk through the raging flood. We waited for some vehicles to pass by but ironically, jeepneys are full and we are left to ride the tricycles. Without hesitating, we rode the tricycles. In the middle of the road, there came by a huge vehicle causing a huge wave. Knowing that we are on a tricycle, we are left victims by that wave. The wave washed out our asses (LOL) with its dirt. Another thing after several hardships in driving, the driver finally decided to stop and leave us in the middle of the flood. I can’t blame him because of the fact that he tried to get us to our destination but the irritating machine of the tricycles just always got out of its mind because of the water inside it. The worst part of the scenario came in. While walking to the main road, again in high flood, and holding my slacks to not slip and be wet by the flood water, my nauseating paper bag just wrecked itself causing my toothbrush, one of my college shirts (my college shirt in first year, the cream one), some other stuffs and my LEATHER SHOES to fall in love with the flood. I almost leave the real world that time and thinking that I’m only in my dream world. After that moment, we continued walking until we reached the main road. Just a second after that, we saw our classmates riding on a truck. I didn’t imagine that we will come to that situation. With no choices given, we rode that dropped-by-an-angel (sarcastically… hehe) truck and it took us to the Tayuman Station of the Light Rail Transit (LRT). Because of the missing-in-action jeepneys, we rode the LRT. Because of our innocence of what is happening in that area we chose to go down at the Central Terminal. Then the walking-on-flood part II came. At the Manila City Hall, the flood came up to 3-4ft. Imagine that. Because of the urge to have the defense, we did our very best to win our battle against that flood. When we reached the Intramuros, we proceeded to the Internet shop to print our documents that is needed for our presentation. We spend many minutes in the shop because of the huge volume of copies we needing. Because of that we didn’t notice the time. We are already LATE. And first and main rule during the defense day is “DON’T BE LATE!!!”. When we came, I almost lost my sanity when we heard that we’re not going to take the opportunity to defend are work because we are late. Imagine, after preparing so much and suffering those bunches of irony in life, we are not able to present?!?! Because of that sad news, some of my groupmates cry (sorry guys… you know who you are… hahaha) because of frustration. After that, we fell asleep because of tiredness. And after several hours, a good news came. Our professors gave us a chance to take the defense but the catch is, ”the grade of the not late group - 10” will be the highest grade we can receive. And according to the gossips, the grade of that group is 35 so the highest possible grade we can receive is 25!!! Haha… nice grade, isn’t it. But at least we will already have the chance to defend our work. After several hours of waiting and reviewing or work, because we are the last to present, the defense period came. And sad to say, we only took a very short period of time of 1 hr. After the panelists knew that the materials we posted were not complete, they said that it’s not worth defending so that’s it. It’s finished. And the verdict, of course, FAILED. Haha. But I’m not sad, because only one group received a remark of Conditional Passed and all is the same as ours.

Had you counted it already?(LOL). Anyway, I’m still happy that time for the fact that they gave us a chance and paradoxically, at the same time I’m so sad that time because of one thing. A thing I don’t know if I can share to you folks. Haha. Maybe next time. That’s all!

(P.S. Several Defenses followed that incident. Actually, it counts to more than 7. Where in the university you can see that? Haha. And because of that I salute all the Computer Science graduates of PLM. Bringing up my chair isn’t that hard LOL. Now, I will believe all the things she (read the first paragraph) told, is telling and will tell to me. Studying is not hard. Please convince me! haha. Actually, it isn’t. Just enjoy it, give your everything into at and most of all, have faith to Him. For all we know, he can do to us something we can never imagine will happen to our lives. Like graduating (LOL). I hope you appreciated this chunk of absurd events in my life. Once again, Yngatz and Godbless).