Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sinadya ko talaga na English ung unang 13 posts ko before I switch to Filipino. Joke, palusot ko lang un. Actually, hindi ko lam kung bakit gusto kong mgsulat na Filipino naman ang gamit na language nowadays. Inisip ko kung nanonosebleed na ba ko or something pero it didn't fit sa tanung ko. Pramis.

Anyways, uumpisahan ko na ang kwento sa Christmas Party naming mga friends ko. Nung December 27 pa to. Sa bhy ng 1 kong friend s Malabon naganap. Indi ko lam kong party ba na matatawag un dahil ngkwen2hn, nanuod ng movie, kumain at ngexchange gifts lng kmi. pero dahil ala akong maisip, party na lang ang itatawag ko. haha. Matagal na kaming nagbunutan at sa totoo lang, marami na ang nkaalam kung sinu ang nabunot ng bwat 1. Me iba nga na alam na kung cnu ang nakabunot sa knila eh. Nakakatawa. Actually, nalaman ko nung mismong party na 3 na lang kaming hindi nakakaalam kung sinu ang nakabunot smin.

The day before that, bumili ako ng pangexhange gift. Since narinig ko (indi ko lam kung pnrinig tlga nia.LOL.) sa nbunot ko na wallet ang gusto niyang makuha, bumili ako ng wallet sa penshoppe. Swerte naman na mas mahilig sa panlalaki ung friend ko n girl na nabunot ko kase puro panlalaki lang ung nandun. Ung mga pnggurl, maxado ng mlau sa pinagusapan naming price (150). Maliit lng xe siyempre students pa lang kmi. haha.

After naming manuod ng DVD ng ZombieLand, nagbigayan na ng regalo.

Here's the list ng mga natanggap nmin:

1.From Me to J-Wallet
2. From J to L- Flash Drive
3. From Y to A-Slippers
4. From A to S- Blouse
5. From S to D- Formal Dress
6. From D to E- Watch
7. From E to Me- Throw Pillow (Marvin the Martian) and a Tee

Yan. Naawa ako s sarili ko after naming buksan ung kanya kanya naming regalo. Hindi dahil sa natanggap ko, actually gustong gusto ko nga ung natanggap ko eh (marvin the martian kase), kundi dahil sa akin na ata ung pinakamura dun sa mga gifts. Sa totoo lng, lagpas na ng P80 ung price nung gift ko sa napagksunduan naming presyo. Pero ung iba, halos doble and triple pa ung sa knila. Reason nila, pang graduation n rin daw. Nahiya tuloi ako dun sa nbunot ko. Yung gift niya xe halos doble nung price nung gift ko and hlos triple nung dapat na price.

Sana lang hindi niya to malaman. haha. Pero nung makita naman niya ung wallet, natuwa naman xa kahit papanu. haha.

Nga pala meron kaming gift s isa't isa na khit anung mumurahin lng. Khit tig 10 lang. Aun, dahil 2 na ung magbibigay ng keychain, at ala na kong makitang iba, bumili ako ng laruan na blocks worth 20 pesos. haha. aun, hindi ko lam kung natuwa ba talaga sila dun sa binigay ko or they're just being a good friend to me when they smile nung nkita na nila ung laman. haha.

Grabeehh ang kabusugan ko dahil s KFC Loaded and s pizza na binili namin. Aun, so far, super saya naman.hehe...

Dahil inaantok na ko, me continuation na lng to. hehe. Yngatz Godbless.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's the Lord's Day

Well, it's Christmas Day. The day we've always been waiting for, especially the young ones.

I woke up very late beacuse i slept almost 4am. Because of that, i was not able to attend the mornign mass at out parish. So I decided not to take a bath taht early to have a fresh look when I'm about to attend the late afternoon mass.

The afternoon became so busy because we have to entertain some guests that are almost our relatives and family friends. And the fact that we have two cute babies here in the living room made the entertaining blah blah blah so difficult. One of the reasons was that there was no enough space to accomodate the guests because the two cute little babies occupy the sets in the living area. Another is, whenever the my sisters will entertain their guests, their respective baby will vye their attention so the chitchatting will be cut off. But I can't think that the two things stated above will prove that the babies became an obstacle on the occassion because I'm sure that the babies were angels brought to us by heaven. =) (I love you, baby Ella and Kyle...=))

Anyways, the time run so fast and we attended the 5:30 pm mass at our parish. The preach is all about, of course, the Christmas Day. It was about the true date of the Christmas Day. Well, I'm still in whirlwind after hearing some things left me in disbelief.

When we got home, I fell asleep without knowing the reason y.LOL. I woke up exactly 10 pm and start working on the system which i have a "deadline" on January 4. Until this very moment, i'm still working on that and i just stop for a moment to write this.

That's all folks. May the Lord's Day became a very prolific day to all of you. Once again, a Joyful Christmas to all of u and may the coming year be a fruitful one to ol of us. Yngatz and Godbless us all. =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's May Dey (December 17, 2009 10:52pm )

Well, I just turned 19 a while ago. It’s my day and nothing and no one can ever take that away from me. LOL! Many things happened to me this day and I will share it to one by one.

First, me and my mother went to church to attend “simbang-gabi” mass. I didn’t attend the mass yesterday. And I’m just attending the mass for the day of my birthday. I really love the sermon of our parish priest. Actually I adore the way the masses were done in our parish. I think all the people who are attending the mass of our parish are two thumbs up to what I have said earlier.

After the mass was ended, we walked down the streets to do our yearly routine making a round in our place. After that, we went home. I didn’t just sleep after that. I logged on to my accounts and I continued working on our compiler. I went to sleep after that. I think that’s 6:30 am. I woke up before 12 noon and prepared some stuffs because I’ll meet my bestfriend and her boyfriend later.

Before meeting my bf and her bf (hehe), I went to school to do something. Actually, I don’t know to myself but there’s something inside me saying you should go to school. So I went to school without any purpose. I met some of my friends in the school but I don’t have the luxury of time to make fun with them because my bestfriend was waiting for me that time. After that, I went to our meeting place and we headed to my best friend’s haven. We ate our early dinner and had bibingkas after that.

Because of the fact that it’s only my second time to meet her bf, of course, we’re not that close pah. So I whispered to my bf that I will be the first one to go home so I and her bf will not have an awkward moment in the jeepneys since we have the same route to ride on. So I beheaded home and fell asleep. LOL.

That’s all. Wait, before I end this entry, I would like to thank all the people who greeted and shared this special day with me. First is my bestfriend Maricris and her bf Genesis, next are my friends, GeeCee and 7Keinin, after that are my classmates especially Tampopo leaded by Al, all my past classmates, my friends who are always in my heart even if we don’t have communication, my family and finally, Covin, Arvin and Ms. Che**** (Covin’s gf) who made my birthday more special than ever. Ate Che, I really appreciated what you’ve than and I’m hoping it’s true that Covin also greeted me (hehe).

            Papa Jesus, Thank you and Sorry for everything and I love you so much. =). May my next birthdays will be just like this one or even more fruitful than this year’s. Yngatz and Godbless.

One Down, One Downfall

Saturday was our defense day on Compiler Design. As usual, the day before that was an exhausting day because we have to prepare for the visuals we will have to use the next day. We had our overnight at my group mate’s house. Since I’m assigned on the program of the lexical analyzing part of our programming language, I excused myself from doing the visuals even if I didn’t wait for my groupmates reply for my lame excuse (LOL). Because of the fact that some of the visuals were already done that time, we became relaxed unlike the past defenses on that subject that we usually cram because the visuals were time consuming and we usually do it by mid-week of the upcoming defense dissimilar to the last defense where even though there were many visuals to do, it was more of writing rather than cutting out shapes and attaching it to some giant plastic covers or cartolinas (joined together).

Since the call-time of the defense was 8:00 am meaning 7:30 to our prof’s watch (amazing!!!,LOL), we started taking a bath at exactly, 4:30 am. At that time, I didn’t have any idea that my lecturer on Automata and Language Theory, Mr. Ceasar M, was just at the living room. After taking the last footstep on the bathroom, my groupmates just said to me that my loving prof just passed by and just leave. At first, I didn’t believe what they have said but after seeing the cake he brought for us, that’s the time I’m already convinced that my caring prof just came by. Gosh!!! I just lost an opportunity to see him.

My prof will be leaving for Australia that day. And he will come back a year after. I will miss him so much because he had been not just a good lecturer to us but also a great friend. While debugging my program, I wrote a letter for him saying how much I appreciated his great effort to give us what he thinks we should learn. I also hope him great happiness in life that I know he hopes too for himself. Truly, I will miss his smile, his stories that I truly eared, the friendly consultations we had and of course, all the overnights we had with him.

Emoting aside, after eating the cake he brought for us, we already led to the school. The defense started after some minutes waiting. The main rule of the defense was if any error/s was/were found on the program, the defense proper will not proceed and the group will have a grade of zero for that defense. So after my professor/panelist tried some inputs on our program, some errors were found. To my surprise, the defense proceeded and ended very well. I’m so happy that my notion about the outcome of the defense didn’t come true. Because I thought that I will flunk the group. Well, I’m wrong and I’m happy about it.

Anyway, some more defenses were coming and I’m hoping that the same results will come into our group. Yngatz, Godbless!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's The Beginning... Again !?!?

I can say that this semester is the second part of the excruciating 7th semester. The first week of the sem became our imaginary planner for the semester because of long list of schedules for the approaching months. First in the list are the ever-living reporting every week. I hate reporting, actually. It feels like you’re on the spotlight and everyone is studying your every moves and spiels. You’re like a specimen who is being premeditated by more than 25 scientists (LOL). And the fact that you have to speak in England’s language added the agony of the reporter. And I hate it because I’m not into speaking English. I can’t explain something thoroughly using that lingo. And another one is never came a time that I didn’t buckle during reporting. Being the center of attention for a while is not one my dreams.

Anyway, aside from reporting, we have these seminars that we have to attend and conduct. I’m not into organizing blah blah blah. I’d rather collect money and manage it throughout the project than creating back drafts, invitations, hand outs, etc. I’m not an artistic person but I appreciate arts. I like choosing what is more beautiful than doing that beautiful thing (ANGGULO,LOL).

Next in the list are the defenses were going to take. First is in Compiler Design. I’m the one who is charge of the program (Lexical Analyzer) we have to defend during the defense. I’m working on it for almost a month already and unfortunately, I’m not yet finished with it. It is because, when I thought that it is already done, I will find some bug from the program, and I will fix it for a couple of hours. That thing happened to me several times until now. Actually, it already became a routine to me (LOL). Second in our defenses is in Database Management System (DBMS). Being busy with the lexical analyzer I’ve been working on, I can’t find a time (ows!?) to help my groupmates to do some of the documents involved in the forthcoming defense. I’m really focused on the program so I can assure that I know nothing during the defense in DBMS. Haha. The last (hoping) in the list of our defenses in this year only is in Networking Administration where we have to find a company which do not have any network connections. And after that, we have to create that connection properly so we can pass the defense.

Right now, the fantasy planner has six, including our report in DBMS, activities we have to finish and unluckily, I’m not yet able to accomplish any of these because of the time strain during these days. This week is our College Week and some classes are suspended because of the activities. Our report in DBMS is cancelled. It is supposed to be last Tuesday. Still I’m happy for the postponement of our report because truthfully, I can say to myself that I’m not yet ready to face the spotlight again.

Tomorrow, we will work on the coming seminar we will conduct in Timoteo Paez Integrated School. And hopefully, we can furnish the plans for the seminar; I can fully finish the program and our visual aids in the Compiler Design defense this Saturday tomorrow. For me to do that, I really need your prayers (LOL). That’s all. Yngatz and Godbless.


A few days after the showing of Paranormal Activity, the spreading out of the copy of the movie came into the limelight. Me, as a fan of thrilling movies grabbed a one. Watching a movie like that, I needed strength and pillow beside me. While watching it on the computer, I’m not that afraid because I can say that I had a companion that time, my father. Even though, he’s already sleeping that time, I can say that it’s a lot different in watching alone. His presence gave power to finish it (LOL).

The parts that totally gave me goose bumps are the following:

1. The burning of the Ouija Board and the name left on it. (The board got fire by itself and the fire left letters on it.)

2. The footsteps made by the ghost while walking. (The white powder on the doorway fused on the ghost’s feet)

3. Hauling of the girl to the ground floor of the house. (Imagine, you are dragged from the second floor to the ground, Ouch, it hurts A LOT!, Anyway, the girl only had a huge bruise on her waist(?). Amazing (LOL)).

4. Finally, the murdering of the girl to his husband. (The girl doesn’t know what she’s doing. She sleep-walked to the ground floor. After that, the man followed him and a scream is heard. The lady then came back to their room with a bloody knife in her hand!!!)

I recommend you to watch the film. It’s thrilling and horrifying. Remember, have a companion. Yngatz and Godbless.