Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's the Lord's Day

Well, it's Christmas Day. The day we've always been waiting for, especially the young ones.

I woke up very late beacuse i slept almost 4am. Because of that, i was not able to attend the mornign mass at out parish. So I decided not to take a bath taht early to have a fresh look when I'm about to attend the late afternoon mass.

The afternoon became so busy because we have to entertain some guests that are almost our relatives and family friends. And the fact that we have two cute babies here in the living room made the entertaining blah blah blah so difficult. One of the reasons was that there was no enough space to accomodate the guests because the two cute little babies occupy the sets in the living area. Another is, whenever the my sisters will entertain their guests, their respective baby will vye their attention so the chitchatting will be cut off. But I can't think that the two things stated above will prove that the babies became an obstacle on the occassion because I'm sure that the babies were angels brought to us by heaven. =) (I love you, baby Ella and Kyle...=))

Anyways, the time run so fast and we attended the 5:30 pm mass at our parish. The preach is all about, of course, the Christmas Day. It was about the true date of the Christmas Day. Well, I'm still in whirlwind after hearing some things left me in disbelief.

When we got home, I fell asleep without knowing the reason y.LOL. I woke up exactly 10 pm and start working on the system which i have a "deadline" on January 4. Until this very moment, i'm still working on that and i just stop for a moment to write this.

That's all folks. May the Lord's Day became a very prolific day to all of you. Once again, a Joyful Christmas to all of u and may the coming year be a fruitful one to ol of us. Yngatz and Godbless us all. =)

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