Saturday, November 21, 2009

Covin (Nice Name Isn't It?!?!)

Anyone who will disagree will be a skunk (LOL, just joking). Why skunk? I don’t know too. It just popped in my mind. RAMOC NGELAO QUANOI DMASCOA, it’s his full name, shuffled (LOL). I’m sure if he will read this, he will totally know that it is his name. The first time I saw him was at the enrollment of CWTS(Civil Welfare Training Services). He was in the last of the line. I noticed his not so short hair and his ever beautiful dimples. And of course, his reddish eyes (I can’t explain it eh). After that I often see him every Sundays in the CWTS classes. Months after that, I’m ignoring his presence since I’m focused on my new crush, Therz(shuffled also). That December, I had already forgotten Therz. February the next year, after midterms, the results of the exams were posted and I saw his name on the Top ten students who took the Chemistry examination. I didn’t really expected that because he’s looks are not for geeky type even though I know that he’s from the block that always tops midterms and final examination. And I learned that their block is composed of honor students from different secondary schools. So my uhmmm, I don’t know what word will fit on it, love, infatuation or what for him starts that day, February 7, 2007. The semester ended and vacation came. I have this not so good attitude that I really cry rivers and oceans once a long vacation is coming. It’s because of the notion that I will not see my love one for a long time. So that vacation came like a hell to me. After vacation, I knew that one my classmate, Amy, was Covin’s classmate on our freshmen year. So I, as an avid admirer of Covin, ask her everything she know about Covin. His full name, address, contact number and many more. After that I learned from her that Covin is VALEDICTORIAN way back in his secondary school. My God. My crush for him has taken the next level after that intriguing revelation. That night, I learned from myself that I’m liking him more because of his academic status. So help me answer this question. Am I in love with him? (haha). Or it’s just an infatuation or admiration. Until this very moment I’m still head over heals on him. Oh wait, actually, I’m bothered with this feeling that I have a new one. But after a series of test(LOL), I realized that it is still Covin that holds my hypothalamus(LOL, heart na nga lang). =( . Right until this very moment, I’m not able to talk to him even just a simple conversation. That’s how I’m conservative. Hindi ako malandi tulad ng iba. Haha. Ironic isn’t it? I’ve already known him for 2 ½ years and I’m not yet able to talk to him until now. Well that’s life. That’s all for now. Yngatz and Godbless…

A Quote From My Bestfriend

I remember my bestfriend, Maricris Narvasa, always telling me, “Never will come a time that a person will be contented with everything he/she have in his/her life. There will always come a time you will crave for more.” She also added, “Once you had reached one of your goals, you will realize, that dream of yours will be up to the next level.” Meaning (in Tagalog), kapag nagkatotoo nay ung pangarap mo, dataring ung oras na maghahangad ka ng mas mataas pa s natupag mung pangarap. Got it? If not, here’s an example (LOL), you have a crush and you wish you were friends so you befriended him/her. Once you’re friends, there will come a time that you will want more. Meaning, you will want to have a relationship with him/her. Hope you already got it (LOL).

That example is very far from what it implied to me (haha). In my last post, I told that I got my hunger to be a Dean’s Lister. After hearing that quote from my bestfriend, I comprehend that it’s true. And the realization came into me. I’m already a grade conscious student!!! (LOL). One of my subjects that sem is Math Analysis II and being a son of Descartes (JOKE!!!), I careered studying it. So after giving me best shot to all my subjects, I’m not bragging it, I got the top spot of the magical list. But the thing is, we are only two on it (LOL). I got a low GWA (General Weighted Average) compared to the toppers of other courses within the College of Engineering and Technology (CET). But I’m very happy having that little honor of mine. Just want to share guyz. Godbless and Yngatz!

Anung Meron Sa Listahan Ni Dean?

When I entered college, I never dreamt of having high grades or achieving such Laude awards. I only hope that I will graduate on time to give back my family outpouring love they are giving me now. On my freshman year, I belonged to the next to worse kind of students. We are four that time and two of us are not seriously studying (sorry friends… hehe). I think they know naman that fact. Hehe. So before receiving our class cards, one of out professor gave us a very low grade that I only ignored that time because I can say that it is our fault. The given grade to us is ….. dyandyarararan….. 3.00… a step more and we will be failed already. Semesters passed and the pressure of graduating is really flowing in my nerves. I already knew that time what a Dean’s List is. Only five in our course entered the magical catalog and 4 of them are my friends! What the heck?!?! What happened to the world and many of my friends just turned out to be Einstein’s relatives (LOL). And after that semester, I ponder a lot. I wonder what it feels like to be on that list. So on our 5th semester (meaning, 3rd year first sem), I gave an effort to break that damn door to open the way to that list. And finally, I’m already in it. I’m really happy that time. I just ignored all the gossips of inequality of grading systems between the two blocks and also between the students of each block. I only treated it as a blessing. Nothing more, nothing less. Yngatz and Godbless guyz!!!

Most Embarrassing Moment (Caught in the Middle)

December 17, 2007. It's my birthday!!! And I'm 17. I'm in my sophomore year at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies Major in Computer Science (whew, ang haba ha!!!). The day after that is our staging in Presentation Skills in Information Technology. The whole class is required to participate but since the production only needs a few count of people, some should have intermission numbers. So we chose to have a dance number (LOL, assuming). Seriously speaking, I’m a frustrated dancer. I love dancing so much. But sadly, dancing can’t give that love back to me. As I said earlier, the day after that was our presentation so we’re having a serious practice that time. Since that epoch is approaching the Christmas vacation, only a few students can be seen in the campus.

After hours of practicing, we had a break. While taking the break, I saw my Calculus professor, Angelita Perez. And I notice she’s having a hard time carrying some stuffs. And me as a good citizen of the Philippines (ohws), I helped her until we reached the faculty lounge of the College of Science. After that, I came back to Activity Center, the place where we were practicing, to call my friends to continue our practice. While I was walking towards them, is saw a familiar face. OMG, it’s my crush (Let’s just call him, COVIN ). Nice name isn’t it. It’s a combination of our names (LOL). So after losing the battle against my heartbeat, I decided to go back to the place our bags are situated. Nervousness was all over my system that time. And because of that, while turning around, my right foot hooked the left one causing me to slip down (in other words, NADULAS AKO!!!)… Huhuhu… Imagine, more than 10 people, including my ever crush, saw me slipped down to the floor and having my face so red because of embarrassment. Slow motion got into me nerves. I don’t know what I will do. I look at Covin’s face and I saw an emphatic reaction. Maybe, he was also shocked of what happened. So reality got into me. I forced to stand up not looking at other people. I walked towards my friends and laughingly told them what happened. I don’t know to myself but it’s amazing that I easily accepted the fact that my crush saw that thing (haha) but not with a group of people, especially that guy, who is constantly staring at me while we were continuing our practice. I only ignored my futuristic notion that he will laugh whenever he will see me. So I continued practicing while looking at him and my crush every other minute (LOL). I merely memorize his face because of that incident. After that day, I saw him again and I caught him staring at me. I’m sure he’s laughing vigorously inside while remembering my most embarrassing moment (haha).

Anyways, our presentation came well. We got a high grade in that subject so I think; my most embarrassing moment is just worth it at all (LOL). That’s all. ’Til next time. Again, yngatz and Godbless to all of you!

First Timer

This is my first time to blog. And like all the first timers, I think, I'm very excited about it. I'm not into blogging actually. I’m more enjoying reading blogs rather than making one. I'm just influenced by my favorite blogger Mac. Hehe. Anyways, hope you'll enjoy all my upcoming blogs, even if it's nonsense or whatever. Haha. I'm not expecting anyone to read my blogs. But if it's God’s grace to make me famous (LOL, just joking), then, just thanks to Him. And to all of you, also. That's all folks. Yngatz and Godbless to all of you.