Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anung Meron Sa Listahan Ni Dean?

When I entered college, I never dreamt of having high grades or achieving such Laude awards. I only hope that I will graduate on time to give back my family outpouring love they are giving me now. On my freshman year, I belonged to the next to worse kind of students. We are four that time and two of us are not seriously studying (sorry friends… hehe). I think they know naman that fact. Hehe. So before receiving our class cards, one of out professor gave us a very low grade that I only ignored that time because I can say that it is our fault. The given grade to us is ….. dyandyarararan….. 3.00… a step more and we will be failed already. Semesters passed and the pressure of graduating is really flowing in my nerves. I already knew that time what a Dean’s List is. Only five in our course entered the magical catalog and 4 of them are my friends! What the heck?!?! What happened to the world and many of my friends just turned out to be Einstein’s relatives (LOL). And after that semester, I ponder a lot. I wonder what it feels like to be on that list. So on our 5th semester (meaning, 3rd year first sem), I gave an effort to break that damn door to open the way to that list. And finally, I’m already in it. I’m really happy that time. I just ignored all the gossips of inequality of grading systems between the two blocks and also between the students of each block. I only treated it as a blessing. Nothing more, nothing less. Yngatz and Godbless guyz!!!

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