Saturday, November 21, 2009

Covin (Nice Name Isn't It?!?!)

Anyone who will disagree will be a skunk (LOL, just joking). Why skunk? I don’t know too. It just popped in my mind. RAMOC NGELAO QUANOI DMASCOA, it’s his full name, shuffled (LOL). I’m sure if he will read this, he will totally know that it is his name. The first time I saw him was at the enrollment of CWTS(Civil Welfare Training Services). He was in the last of the line. I noticed his not so short hair and his ever beautiful dimples. And of course, his reddish eyes (I can’t explain it eh). After that I often see him every Sundays in the CWTS classes. Months after that, I’m ignoring his presence since I’m focused on my new crush, Therz(shuffled also). That December, I had already forgotten Therz. February the next year, after midterms, the results of the exams were posted and I saw his name on the Top ten students who took the Chemistry examination. I didn’t really expected that because he’s looks are not for geeky type even though I know that he’s from the block that always tops midterms and final examination. And I learned that their block is composed of honor students from different secondary schools. So my uhmmm, I don’t know what word will fit on it, love, infatuation or what for him starts that day, February 7, 2007. The semester ended and vacation came. I have this not so good attitude that I really cry rivers and oceans once a long vacation is coming. It’s because of the notion that I will not see my love one for a long time. So that vacation came like a hell to me. After vacation, I knew that one my classmate, Amy, was Covin’s classmate on our freshmen year. So I, as an avid admirer of Covin, ask her everything she know about Covin. His full name, address, contact number and many more. After that I learned from her that Covin is VALEDICTORIAN way back in his secondary school. My God. My crush for him has taken the next level after that intriguing revelation. That night, I learned from myself that I’m liking him more because of his academic status. So help me answer this question. Am I in love with him? (haha). Or it’s just an infatuation or admiration. Until this very moment I’m still head over heals on him. Oh wait, actually, I’m bothered with this feeling that I have a new one. But after a series of test(LOL), I realized that it is still Covin that holds my hypothalamus(LOL, heart na nga lang). =( . Right until this very moment, I’m not able to talk to him even just a simple conversation. That’s how I’m conservative. Hindi ako malandi tulad ng iba. Haha. Ironic isn’t it? I’ve already known him for 2 ½ years and I’m not yet able to talk to him until now. Well that’s life. That’s all for now. Yngatz and Godbless…

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