Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Quote From My Bestfriend

I remember my bestfriend, Maricris Narvasa, always telling me, “Never will come a time that a person will be contented with everything he/she have in his/her life. There will always come a time you will crave for more.” She also added, “Once you had reached one of your goals, you will realize, that dream of yours will be up to the next level.” Meaning (in Tagalog), kapag nagkatotoo nay ung pangarap mo, dataring ung oras na maghahangad ka ng mas mataas pa s natupag mung pangarap. Got it? If not, here’s an example (LOL), you have a crush and you wish you were friends so you befriended him/her. Once you’re friends, there will come a time that you will want more. Meaning, you will want to have a relationship with him/her. Hope you already got it (LOL).

That example is very far from what it implied to me (haha). In my last post, I told that I got my hunger to be a Dean’s Lister. After hearing that quote from my bestfriend, I comprehend that it’s true. And the realization came into me. I’m already a grade conscious student!!! (LOL). One of my subjects that sem is Math Analysis II and being a son of Descartes (JOKE!!!), I careered studying it. So after giving me best shot to all my subjects, I’m not bragging it, I got the top spot of the magical list. But the thing is, we are only two on it (LOL). I got a low GWA (General Weighted Average) compared to the toppers of other courses within the College of Engineering and Technology (CET). But I’m very happy having that little honor of mine. Just want to share guyz. Godbless and Yngatz!

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