Saturday, November 21, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moment (Caught in the Middle)

December 17, 2007. It's my birthday!!! And I'm 17. I'm in my sophomore year at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies Major in Computer Science (whew, ang haba ha!!!). The day after that is our staging in Presentation Skills in Information Technology. The whole class is required to participate but since the production only needs a few count of people, some should have intermission numbers. So we chose to have a dance number (LOL, assuming). Seriously speaking, I’m a frustrated dancer. I love dancing so much. But sadly, dancing can’t give that love back to me. As I said earlier, the day after that was our presentation so we’re having a serious practice that time. Since that epoch is approaching the Christmas vacation, only a few students can be seen in the campus.

After hours of practicing, we had a break. While taking the break, I saw my Calculus professor, Angelita Perez. And I notice she’s having a hard time carrying some stuffs. And me as a good citizen of the Philippines (ohws), I helped her until we reached the faculty lounge of the College of Science. After that, I came back to Activity Center, the place where we were practicing, to call my friends to continue our practice. While I was walking towards them, is saw a familiar face. OMG, it’s my crush (Let’s just call him, COVIN ). Nice name isn’t it. It’s a combination of our names (LOL). So after losing the battle against my heartbeat, I decided to go back to the place our bags are situated. Nervousness was all over my system that time. And because of that, while turning around, my right foot hooked the left one causing me to slip down (in other words, NADULAS AKO!!!)… Huhuhu… Imagine, more than 10 people, including my ever crush, saw me slipped down to the floor and having my face so red because of embarrassment. Slow motion got into me nerves. I don’t know what I will do. I look at Covin’s face and I saw an emphatic reaction. Maybe, he was also shocked of what happened. So reality got into me. I forced to stand up not looking at other people. I walked towards my friends and laughingly told them what happened. I don’t know to myself but it’s amazing that I easily accepted the fact that my crush saw that thing (haha) but not with a group of people, especially that guy, who is constantly staring at me while we were continuing our practice. I only ignored my futuristic notion that he will laugh whenever he will see me. So I continued practicing while looking at him and my crush every other minute (LOL). I merely memorize his face because of that incident. After that day, I saw him again and I caught him staring at me. I’m sure he’s laughing vigorously inside while remembering my most embarrassing moment (haha).

Anyways, our presentation came well. We got a high grade in that subject so I think; my most embarrassing moment is just worth it at all (LOL). That’s all. ’Til next time. Again, yngatz and Godbless to all of you!

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