Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mistaken Identity

For the nth time, they had a consultation to me and my friend (co-panelist) for their thesis. Actually, they're already finished with me, only with my friend that time but I preferred to come just to see him. Chos! With our conversation, I learned that they'll have an overnight that night and it'll be in my crush's house. My heart beat like a drum when I realized that we'll share the same ride way home. The moment had arrived but to my dismay, we are not seated next to each other. Blame our companions! Hahaha. We rode off the jeepney(kame na ang poor. Lol.) and rode again. Again, we're not seated next to each other. I can sense that he's the one making distance between us. Am I that obvious or I'm just being paranoid? I really don't know.

I went to our school the next day for the surprise birthday celebration of one of my professors. Before that, I met with my friends in SM Manila to accompany me to our alma mater. We came just in time but they decided to leave because they already had plans of watching a movie prior to that. I stayed alone and searched for my other friends (re: proponents) to have company. We had "so so" consultations about their CFG (Context Free Grammar. Whatever!). We went again to the party and ate some food. I made chika to other profs while eating. I approached my professor who gave me a very high grade (CHOS!) but to my dismay, she just gave me a cold smile. I really don't know what happened that she's acting that way towards me. I really don't know. :-(

Sunday came, my nephew was baptized and I was one of the godfathers. The reception was in Max's restaurant. I had a crush on one of the waiters. Ssssshhhh. Lol. He's great. Chos! JK! I mean, the food was great. Hahahaha.

Same old Monday. Had nothing to do. Geez, I watched a movie here in the office due to boredom. Yeah, like a boss!

 Here it is. Strong winds and heavy rains. Emergency leave was the result. I didn't come to office yesterday due to trauma to floods + traffic + no electricity in the office. Funny thing happened, my brother told me, with a serious tone that he saw me in the TV, worse, in the Cosmopolitan event. I was like, what the f*ck are you saying? Are you drugged? Was that the effect of alcohol? I hadn't attended that kind of events since I learned to breath. Promise. And if I did, so what?  You don't have the right to question me about it because you don't know me. I have my own mind and it's my life. I may not be considered as a criminal if I really attended the event. I was really pissed off because of the way he acted. And he's saying it with real conviction. At first, I find it really funny but when iterated it many times, that's the time that I redeemed myself from the humiliation that I've got from what he's saying. I was really angry at him because of that incident. Gosh! I'll not have a conversation with him for days. Promise.

Keep safe guys, Godbless. :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World's Greatest Masochist

Nagiging hobby ko na naman ata ang pag-iyak nowadays. Sa hindi ko maarok na kadahilanan, biglaan akong napaluha kanina sa tren na sinasakyan ko papunta sa office habang pinapakinggan ang bridge ng California King Bed ni Rihanna particularly dun sa "Maybe I've been California dreaaaaamiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg". Hahaha. Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa tuwing imi-meet or mami-meet or makikita ko yung taong kinakikiligan/hinahangaan ko ng lihim, bigla bigla akong mapapadrama after. Basta kapag nandun ako sa eksena na kasama/nakita ko siya sa isang place, super saya ko. Super kilig din yung nararamdaman ko pero after nun, yung mga time na nakauwi na ako ng bahay, mag-isa at nagmumuni muni na lang, bigla bigla na lang akong maiiyak. Hay ewan ko ba kung bakit ako ganun. Nakakalungkot lang. Hindi ako nag-eemo ngayon. Gusto ko lang i-share yung kakaiba kong ugali. Lol.

Kagabi kase, m-in-eet ko uli yung mga proponents na inupuan ko sa thesis defense nila. Tapos ayun. Masaya naman ako habang andun. Kinikilig ako pag napagmamasdan yung crush ko. Masaya talaga habang kasama ko sila pero nung nasa bahay na ko, patulog na at nag-iisip na lang ng kung ano ano, bigla bigla na lang akong malulungkot at mapapaiyak. Ang weird talaga. Ewan ko ba. Hindi ko alam kung abnormal ba yun. Nakakainis lang kase hanggang ngayon, nadala ko pa yung emotion na yun kagabi. 

Maybe I'm a masochist talaga. Ang hilig kong gumawa o mag-isip ng mga bagay na sa tingin ko eh magbibigay lang sakin ng sakit at lungkot. Parang tanga eh no. Alam ko na ngang masasaktan lang ako sa tuwing makikita ko siya pero gumagawa pa din ako ng paraan para makita siya. Katulad bukas, imi-meet ko ulit sila pero kasama na yung partner kong panelist. Hahahay. Parang nai-imagine ko na yung mangyayari sakin bukas ng gabi. Ako na talaga ang masokista.

Keep safe guys. Godbless us all. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Once again, I'm a bum here in the office. We had a meeting a while ago regarding the project in Genpact. There, they asked for our concerns regarding the said upcoming projects. Majority of the team said that they really don't want to pursue that. For obvious reasons. They'll have a business meeting later and I hope, it'll have a very good outcome. :-)

I'll meet once again the proponents I sat on in the thesis defense later. I'm not really excited though. I don't know why.

Sigh. I really don't know what to say. I don't have anything to tell about my life nowadays.

It's really boring. Promise. So this is it. 

Goodbye. Keep safe.

Godbless. :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it a Truth or a Lie? (Answers Revealed)

Due to insistent public demand (Isang malaking CHOS! LOL), below are the answers behind the post Is it a Truth or a Lie.

1.  I've never rode an airplane or a ship.

 (Truth. I've never traveled by either airplane or a ship. Hahaha. I'm so pathetic. Actually, the farthest place I've ever been was in Sorsogon   only. But hopefully, I'll be able to go to different places not only in the Philippines but around the world soon. :-) )

2.  The first time I cheated in an examination, I was only in second grade.

(Truth. This happened in our Science examination. My naughty seatmate (take note, she's a girl) had this crumpled paper containing  the answers to our examination. I don't know how did she have that copy. Oh well, the only thing that's running in my mind that time was to be able to copy all the things written on the paper. Turns out, we both had the highest score. Haha. No, we didn't had 100% correct answers because she told me to at least have an incorrect answer. Gosh, she's so mischievous. Up to now, I can't believe what I'd done at such a young age. Lol.)

3.  I did shoplift an item in a grocery store way back years ago.

(Lie. I 'd never stole any item inside a grocery/ convenient store since birth. But, yes, there's a big but, I did make loot some money from my mother's wallet to continue my vice, playing arcade games. Hahaha.)

4. When I was in Grade 4, I cried when my male classmates told me that one of my pretty classmates has a crush on me.

(Truth. It's one of the concrete evidence that I'm already gay way back then. Hahaha. What the hell am I thinking that time that I cried just because one of my girl classmates had a crush on me? I actually don't know. So weeeeiiiirrrdddd. That's one of the gayest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Lol.)

5. I became the talk of the town in our barangay when I punched one of my enemies with the classic "tsimosas" around us.

(Lie. I've almost done it but to my dismay, I am the one who was punched. Hahaha. And take note, our Barangay Captain, who was a very good friend of my mother, saw the whole incident. Ok fine, I'm such a sore loser. But you can't blame me. He had a companion that time so I really don't have the chance to win. Moreover, I'm so skinny that time that a light spank can make me lie on the ground. Hahaha. Oh well, actually, I'm still skinny now. Btw, the three of us are all gays. Haha.)

6. I did became a poser when I texted my one and only love Covin and pretended I'm a girl.

(Truth. Due to ever-living curiosity in me, I texted Covin and pretended I'm a girl. I know it's such a silly thing to do. But I didn't regret what I've done. I had the weirdest reply I got from him. At first, he didn't entertain my plea to be his textmate but after several minutes, he, knowing I was a girl, asked if I was still a virgin. I was like WTF!!! I started feeling naughty that time but it turned out to be that that's already his last text. I replied a lie to him. I said I wasn't anymore. Maybe a pale of cold water was poured on him for him to stop that nonsense. I was like, "sayang, yun na yun eh". Bwahahaha.)

7. I so love dirty lookin', old-fashioned, nerdy type BUT cute guys.

(Lie. A very big LIE! I hate guys wearing preppy, colorful, jologs outfit. It is absolutely an "eeeewwwww". Hahaha. I also don't like guys looking geeky. The ones wearing very thick eyeglasses (I hate myself ?) and having so many science books in his backpack. I'm so very choosy. Me already! Haha. I like cute guys. And when I say cute, he's not that handsome enough to fulfill many fantasies. I just want a simple guy with big cheeks. Number one on the list of my fetishes. Hahaha.)

8. I became a member of gay dating site, met a naughty cute guy and did naughty things.

(Lie. I've never been a member of a gay dating site. I knew a lot of them but there's something in me that's saying gay dating site is not a "go go" for me. Maybe because I'll be addicted to it and I don't want my life to revolve only in the world wide web.)

9. One of my fetishes is hairy armpits.

(Lie. I also hate men with very hairy armpits. If it will enter my fetishes' list, maybe it will fall on the 10000th spot. I want a man with very good physical hygiene. I want a vain one. But not that vain to the extent that he's already very girly. Lol. )

10. I'm still a virgin. Never been kissed, never been touched.

(Truth. Yes, I'm a certified member of the Virgins' Club. Well, actually, I can nominate myself as its President. Haha.)
That's all. I hope you'll not be disappointed with the things I've shared in this post.

Keep safe guys. Mwah mwah. Godbless. :-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Last Thursday, we were advised that we'll  go to Alabang the next day to visit the company who acquired Headstrong (my current employer), Genpact. The resource management team told us that the visit will just circle around the presentation of  some of the people there regarding company background, etc. etc. so we were shocked when the "presentation" became a job offer. There's this project that will start asap and they're needing many people (from Headstrong and new hires) to manage the project. 

Then it's already Friday. I became nervous because of some notions came into my mind. The project is good. We will pioneer the said project and that, for me, is a very tempting offer. The office environment is also good. It's like you're working in a first class subdivision. Haha. The amenities/perks are way better than other companies (well, including Headstrong itself  Ssshhh. Lol). Imagine, discounts from many fine dining restaurants here in Metro Manila. That's a very big wow huh. And lastly, the people are the best. Yeah, they're so friendly (well, most of the people there that we've met) and very professional.

But there came the drawbacks of the project. First is the location. That is my first time in Alabang as far as I can remember and I really think that it's so far from home and I don't have plans of renting a house within the vicinity of Genpact. Second is the shift. Working hours is anytime (just accumulate the needed 8 hours) between 6pm to 9am the next day. Again, if ever I'll be deployed to it, that will be my first time to have that kind of  shift. And lastly, their rules and regulations. No cellphones, no internet, no pen and paper. You just have to bring yourself. That's it. And for that, I salute Headstrong. Hahaha. I really love Headstrong for having such employee friendly rules. Lol.

As of now, we weren't still advised about what is the outcome of the negotiations. Yes, we were having some demands like transportation service from Headstrong's office to Genpact Alabang, different allowances, and of course, salary increase. Lol. If ever ALL of them will be granted, then I'll be the one to come to Genpact Alabang, grab the contract then sign it immediately. Wahaha.


I came out of the office earlier than the usual. I'll be meeting that time the proponents of the defense I attended two weeks ago. It's not a secret from you, readers, that I have a crush on one of the proponents. I don't know if I overused my powers against them when I disapproved one of their "problems" in the thesis that we, me and my partner, previously approved just to prolong their stay. Hahaha.  

I came at the meeting place just minutes later than their arrival. To my dismay, he brought his girlfriend along with them. I am not warned nor informed about that so I'm shocked. Hahaha. But contrary to your sightings about what might happen because of  "her" presence, I gave my biggest and sincerest smile to her. I'm not the kind who will be pissed off just because of that. I'm a professional that time and not just some kind of silly lover. LOL. The consultation run from 7:30pm to 10:30 pm. It's so embarrassing that I didn't buy anything in the fast-food chain we're lying in. Adding insult to injury, I bought dinner from another store. I am so bad. So so bad. Imagine, we stayed there for three long hours and they'd just ordered light snacks. We're so bad. So so bad. Hahaha.


Saturday came. Yeah, another thesis defense day. I'm shocked when I saw my previous boss from OJT days, Sir Joey, that was also invited to sit in the defense. And to add spice to that, we we're partnered. It's his first time handle a thesis defense so I'm not that intimidated to him considering that he's already having more than thrice the experience as I have. Lol.

We sat for two set of proponents. The first one finished(well not totally finished because they have to have a consultation to me and Sir Joey before they will be totally passed)  smoothly. The second one gave us a headache. Gosh! They can't even simulate the algorithm. We need to stop that nonsense defense and gave them time to further study the algorithm and have a consultation with their adviser before they face us again. Are we that bad? No we're not. They themselves are self-confessed careless and lazy. The fishes were caught with their own mouths. Lol.

All in all, I sat for four set of proponents. Imagine the headache I had after the defense. My brain was drained, literally. 


I rode my way home all alone. My emo-ish personality came again and the rest was history. :-(

Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Should be Shamcey!

 Fox: “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?“

Supsup: ” If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person that I love. Because the first person that I love is GOD who created me. And I have my faith and my principles. And these what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God too, Thank you.

I don't have anything against Ms. Angola but I think Ms. Shamcey Supsup of the Philippines should've been the one to bag the crown. I'm a Filipino but I can assure you that I'm not biased in saying this. I know it's already late to have this kind of argument but just let me say my opinions about the latest prestigious pageant.

Ok, let's admit it. Ms. Angola really did make the crowd go wild with her wit and color but that's not the only factor there. Q and A, I think, would have the basis of the results. I can't blame Ms. Lea Salonga for having that cliche` question (she explained that she's not the one who constructed that question) but comparing Shamcey and Leila's answers, minus the fact that all of the five contenders except for Shamcey has their own interpreter, Shamcey had the most beautiful answer in all of them. I, thank you. Chos!

That's all. Btw, I'm not bitter with Ms. Angola's win 'coz I also like her. A lot. But Shamcey's really way better. I would have been happier if Shamcey is placed as a runner up nearest to the crown and not just third. But don't worry, I love them both. Haha. xoxo.


P.S. I having "big" dilemma. One of the papers needed for me to get my diploma is missing and that's a big shit I'm having now. ~_~
Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silver Coin

I was sipping my Venti-sized Peppermint Java Chip Frappe while unconsciously writing my name on a piece of silver coin with the marker I accidentally brought from office when this beggar came into view. As the soft-heartened person that I am, I came out of the coffee shop and handed her several coins that I possessed and went back to work. Good environment, good people, good compensation but very bad management. That's the kind of company I have. I finished all my paper works and went on with my life.


I counted all the money I have and it totaled to an amount  enough to buy myself a good dinner and breakfast for tomorrow . Thanks to that good Samaritan who even went out to the coffee shop and gave me a big amount of money. I gave myself a mouthful dinner due to the hunger I've been experiencing for the past few days. I went back to the place I've been staying for several days now and slept with a big grin on my face. I woke up, had a meal and went on with my life.


I gave my son his tuition fee that has been accumulated  from the income I've earned from the food stall. Last night, a beggar came to the store and bought some food for dinner. I don't want to accept her payment due to pity but when I saw that she had enough money, I accepted her payment but gave her excessive food because I'm sure she's so hungry. Night came and my son presented to me the proof of his enrollment. I went to church the next day to thank Him and went on with my life.

I just received my salary from helping the teachers to organize yesterday's enrollment. I'm so thankful to Him and to all the students who enrolled this semester.  If they're not there, I would have not had an extra income. I treated myself a merienda. I paid my bill with the salary I've just received. I came out of the shop satisfied with what I ate. I walked along the streets searching for another part-time job to have another extra income. I bumped into this poster, had a "TING" in my head and went on with my life.


I went out of the office to breath some fresh air. I am pissed at work. I walked my way to my favorite coffee shop. I ordered my favorite drink. Venti-sized Peppermint Java Chip Frappe it is. I received my change and sat on the couch on the corner. I was counting my change when I saw this coin. It was the coin I've signed days ago. It was one of the coins I gave to the beggar outside the shop. I shift my gaze outside the shop where I saw the beggar and to my surprise, she's there again. I smiled with amazement,  got out of the shop, handed again several coins to her and went on with my life.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fright Night

I, with my friends Robert and Erika, watched Colin Farell's Fright last Friday. Yeah I know. Why is it that Colin's name I had mentioned and not Anton Yelchin's? Got it now? Haha. I'm not disappointed with the movie. I liked it actually. The phasing was good. It's not the typical kind of thriller movie that's full of bullshit dialogues. It did gave justice when it comes to giving "gulat factor" to the audience. The storyline was not boring and the special effects of the movie can't be considered as trash. No way, I'm not going to be a movie reviewer here. Haha.

Btw, the story goes like this. There's this nerdy friend , Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) , of Charley (Anton) that's suspecting Jerry (Colin) of being a vampire due to his investigation when one of their friends vanished. As the "cool student" he is portraying, Charley didn't believe what Ed had told him. One day,  Ed also vanished (bitten by Jerry and now also a vampire). Charley started to have suspicions  about Jerry being the killer/abductor of his friends so he went to Ed's house and there he found many evidences of Jerry being a true vampire. From that moment, Charley became anxious about their situation and started planning ways to get out with the dangerous villain, that was having a romantic affair with his mother, with the help of the town's vampire executioner  and the rest is history.

I'm giving this movie an 8.5. Oh wait. I must say Colin's hot. Super. Bwahahaha.

Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)


No silly. Not about my sexuality. I'm a certified member of the third sex. No doubt about that. Haha. Here it is. I've been caught off guard between the thoughts of:

a. believing that the day that I'll meet him will come. Ayieee. Lol.


b. killing my hopes for my lovelife to flourish (Wow! Hahaha) in the future. Huhuhu. Lol.

Btw, it's not a serious post. I'm just pondering on some thoughts in my mind. I just thought that maybe one of my readers will enlighten the way to the right choice. It's not a big deal though. Hhhhmmmm. Sorry, maybe it is. I'm just imposing to myself that this kind of issues will make a big impact to my life. Why? Maybe because I'm afraid of the consequences I'll gather.

Up to now, I still can't choose between the two.  Well, actually, I don't know if I right now is the right time to choose or I'll just wait for the sign to be able to pick the choice I'll apply to my life. 

I thought it'll not be an emo post but it turned out to be one. Sigh. I'm really affected by egG's post. SO many emo things are running in my mind. I know, I know. Here I am again. Sigh.

Keep safe. Godbless. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Is it a Truth or a Lie?

Dahil nauso ito at papalaos na din, makikigaya na din ako. Pero hindi ito katulad ng usual na 100 things about me. Nakakatamad kaya yun. Grabe. Biruin mo, magiisip ka ng 100 na bagay tungkol sa sarili mo na sa tingin mo, nakakatuwa/nakakaaliw para sa mga readers. Feeling ko kase pag ginawa ko yun, mga walang kwenta lang yung iba kong malalagay kaya I'm here posting just SOME  na lang na facts about me. I'll be stating some sensitive parts of my life and since there's a possibility na me makabasa nitong blog ko na nakakakilala sa akin, may I say, secret lang natin to ha. Lalo ka na Robert. Hahaha. But wait there's more! May twist siya. I'll be stating ten things but only half of them are true. The other half, parte lang ng wild imagination ko.  Game na!

1.  I've never rode an airplane or a ship.
2.  The first time I cheated in an examination, I was only in second grade.
3.  I did shoplift an item in a grocery store way back years ago.
4. When I was in Grade 4, I cried when my male classmates told me that one of my pretty classmates has a crush on me.
5. I became the talk of the town in our barangay when I punched one of my enemies with the classic "tsimosas" around us.
6. I did became a poser when I texted my one and only love Covin and pretended I'm a girl.
7. I so love dirty lookin', old-fashioned, nerdy type BUT cute guys
8. I became a member of gay dating site, met a naughty cute guy and did naughty things.
9. One of my fetishes are hairy armpits.
10. I'm still a virgin. Never been kissed, never been touched.

Whew! Antagal kong pinagisipan yang mga yan. Nakakatawa yung iba. Kung ibang tao ako tapos kilala yung tunay na Marvin, alam ko na mahihirapn ako sa pag-distinguish which are the truths and which are the lies. I'm often told kase na malakas yung personality ko to the extent na nagugulat sila sa mga nasasabi kong revelations sa kanila. Revelations na hindi nila akalain na mabait pala ako. Tapos minsan naman, nagugulat sila na nagawa ko yung ganung bagay. Anggulo ko no! Lol. Oh well, goodluck na lang sa inyo sa panghuhula kung alin diyan ang mga truths and alin ang mga lies.  I'll post na lang ang results as soon as medyo madami dami na ang humula (as if naman andaming nagbabasa ng blog ko. Bwahaha) para hindi maging spoiler sa iba. Sana lang maraming mag-comment. Lol. Yun lang.

Keep safe guys. Godbless.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nakakainis Lang Talaga

Masama loob ko sa kanya. Nakakainis lang. Sobrang hirap bang magreply? Masyado bang time consuming yung bawat pag pindot niya sa keypad and keyboard? Simpleng reply lang naman yung hinihingi ko. Sobrang hirap bang ibigay nun? Bakit ganun? Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Masama loob ko sa kanya. Sobrang pormal ang nilalaman ng text ko. Nagtext ako bilang panel nila. Hindi man lang ba nila na-realize na sobrang halaga nung text ko na yun. Hindi sa pagmamayabang pero kung tutuusin, isa ako  sa may hawak talaga ng kinabukasan nila sa isa sa mga major subjects nila. Hindi ba nila naisip yun? Sa totoo nga lang, ako pa yung lumapit sa kanila dahil bawal talagang mag-usap yung both parties sa isa't isa eh. Tutulungan ko na nga sila eh. Hindi ba talaga nila naisip yun?  Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Masama loob ko sa kanya. Hindi ko siya ma-add sa Facebook dahil lang sa dahilan na bawal ng communication between the proponents and panelists at tsaka syempre dahil na din sa hiya ko. Kaya naman ng malaman kong birthday niya kahapon, nag-isip pa ako kung paano ko siya mababati. Nag-send ako ng message sa kanya. Alam kong parang tanga lang kase hindi ko nga siya in-add, nag-message naman ako sa kanya pero nanghinayang kase ako sa pagkakataon. Wala lang. Nag-assume na naman ako. Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Pero siguro nga, alam na Niya na masasaktan lang uli ako kaya nangyayari ang mga ito. Madami na din akong natanggap na realizations kagabi habang ka-text ang isang kaibigan, si Karen. Napagtanto ko na itigil na 'to. Unang dahilan na diyan eh dahil nga sa me jowa na siya. Malamang sa malamang eh straight siya at wala talaga akogn pag-asa. Kaya lang naman ako nagkalakas na loob na itext siya eh dahil sa udyok ng aking bff na si Macky. Hindi naman kase namin alam na taken na siya. Nagbakasakali lang. Sabi kase niya, paano daw ako magkaka-bf niyan eh super conservative and maarte ko daw. Kaya nagawa ko yun. Pero dahil sa sinabi ni Karen kagabi na eto na naman ako, ia-add yung crush ko tapos wala din namang mangyayari blah blah blah, napagtanto ko na walang patutunguhan yung plano ko sanang pakikipag-close sa kanya. Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Dumating din sakin yung tanong na bakit kaya sa mga straight  guys pa ko nagkakagusto. Kainis diba? Parang sinampal din sa mukha ko yung katotohanan na wala akong gusto na magkakagusto din sakin in return. Tsk3. Malabo kase yun eh. Hay nako. Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Ang plano ko ngayon, itigil na muna ang kabaliwang ito, mag-move on at manalig na darating ang araw na darating siya. Shitness, dati rati, hindi ako umaasa, ngayon, parang me nagsasabi sakin na meron at meron yang darating. Sana lang huwag akong biguin ng pangarap ko. Hay. Nakakainis lang talaga. ~_~

Keep safe guys. Godbless.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Once again

Once again, I think I'm in love. I'm not happy though. Is there any reason to be? Right now, repentance is all over me. Repentance on the fact that if I didn't come to that event, I'd probably would not meet him and I'll not have this sort of eerie feeling. Sigh.

I'm there, in front of him, holding their (him and his thesis partner) future, literally. I always caught him looking at me. Why he'll not? He should be. I'm just imagining things that are not in other people's world. Yes, he's lookin' at me and once again, I'll insinuate that he's not staring at me; he's just looking at me for the sake of good communication. Call me nega but at least I did not assume. Sigh.

I'm his boss at that time but I feel like a servant to him. All I can do was ask his partner. I can't look at him. I mean, can you blame me? I tried to keep our eyes lined but I can't hold it for at least a second. I can't prevent his smile to make a bridge towards my mouth and do the same. And I hate it. I felt so uncomfortable because of that. Sigh.

We had passed them and I'm guilty. I'm guilty because of the fact that I did not know if I became biased to them. The session was finished and they started to clean up the area. My heart was pounding as they, especially him, start to evacuate the room. I was hoping that he'll turn back around and get my number for academical reasons but that scenario didn't made it to reality. Sigh.

My system was affected. I did flank my own expectations when I sat down to the next proponents. And finally, there they were, slowly walking in the corner of my eye approaching the door. So I said to myself, "that was it". It's already the end of the short journey of my heart. That's what I thought. Sigh.

As the time flies by, I can't concentrate on what I'm doing because of my thoughts on him. My epic "fear" again visited me so I decided to have, for me, a very shameful action. I did ask the new proponents for his number. She said out loud the things I asked her. Because of that, I think destiny did a good move 'cause I retracted my plea because of embarrassment. Sigh.

The time passed so fast and I didn't seen him again. Sadness covered my whole being. I did realize that that feeling was so wrong. I know right! I mean, I just met him hours ago and his absence made me so sad. Sigh.

I can't sleep that night. For the hours that I did seen and interrogated him, it seems like I've known him for years. Funny right. I know. I know. I'm just hoping that I'll see him soon. Sigh.

Right now, there's one thing I'm certain of. I think I'm in love. Sigh.

Keep safe guy. Godbless. :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tiis Ganda

Second post ko pa lang pala for the month. Grabe. Yan ang nagagawa ng sobrang pagkabusy... sa Youtube. Chos! Minsan lang naman ako magsurfsurf dito sa office nowadays no! Kase nga busy busy-han kame sa project kase matatapos na siya. Yes, konti na lang talaga at balik buhay bench na naman ako. Tambay sa company at sumasahod. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun na masaya yun. Alam niyo naman kung gaano katagal kong naranasan ang maging bench last year and masasabi kong hindi sa lahat ng time eh masaya ang walang ginagawa.

Ang pinakamabigat na dahilan diyan eh mauubos at mauubos ang mga blog na mababasa ko sa web. Hahaha. Echos lang. Seriously, nangunguna talaga sa mga dahilan kaya ayaw kong maging bench eh yung pagbagalng growth ko dito sa company. Syempre, future career yung una kong concern. Papano na lang kung ma-bench ako dito sa company hanggang matapos yung bond ko which is a year from now pa. Gosh! Sira ang career ko nun. Kumusta naman ang resume ko no! Hahaha.

Anyway, wala namang masyadong highlights sa mga nangyayari sa buhay ko ngayon kaya hindi din ako excited na magpost. Wala kase akong makwentong matino-tino. Latest lang na kaaya-ayang nangyari sa buhay ko eh yung mga libre na ginawa ng mga friends ko. Hahaha. Ako na ang timawa at patay-gutom sa libre.  Sa sobrang pagkagahaman ko sa libre, ako pa ang number 1 na taga-plano kung san kami kakain. Kapal much lang. Lol

Sa MOA kami nilibre ng 2 of my closest friends. Yung isa, nanlibre kase meron na siyang work, bale first blood niya. Chos! First blood pero two months na siya sa work. Hahaha. Tapos yung isa naman, birthday niya kase. Ayun. Nakakatawa kase sandamukal yung inorder namin. Btw, A Veneto yung name nung resto. Hindi namin akalain na ganun pala kadami yung per order kaya naman andami naming natira. Ang ending,  pinabalot na lang namin yung iba tapos binigay yung ibang natira sa may pulubi dun sa me LRT.  Sayang naman kase eh. Mabuti na yung me makinabang na iba sa mga bagay na hindi mo na naman gagamitin/mapapakinabangan pa. 

(Kakadagdag ko lang ng part na to. Matagal na tong post na to actually, hindi ko lang matapos tapos)

Next is yung sa TOR ko. Inayos na namin ng mga friends ko yung TOR namin kase anung petsa na, wala pa kameng TOR. Nakakaloka. 1 1/2 years na kaming graduate  pero wala pa sa mga kamay namin yung isa sa mga katunayan ng pagtatapos namin. Kaya sa wakas, ready for pick-up na yung TOR namin. Ansaya saya. 

So far, ok naman ang mga nagiging takbo ng pangyayari sa buhay ko. Kanina nga pala, nag-exam dito sa company yung classmate ko nung highschool. I hope he'll pass kase sayang ang commission ko. Bwahahaha.

Yun lang guys. Keep safe, Godbless. :-)


Wait lang. Shet. Wala palang kinalaman yung title ko sa content ng post na ito. Kaloka. Hahaha. Btw, ang tiis ganda ay isang word na nagrerefer sa condition na tinitiis mo yung porma mo even though uncomfortable na siya sa current na panahon. For example, pumorma porma ka ng bonggang bongga with matching jacket then not so good shirt sa loob. Dahil sa kapangitan nung t-shirt mo sa loob, hindi mo mahubad hubad yung jacket mo kahit super pawis na pawis ka na. I just wanna share. Hahahaha.