Friday, December 4, 2009


A few days after the showing of Paranormal Activity, the spreading out of the copy of the movie came into the limelight. Me, as a fan of thrilling movies grabbed a one. Watching a movie like that, I needed strength and pillow beside me. While watching it on the computer, I’m not that afraid because I can say that I had a companion that time, my father. Even though, he’s already sleeping that time, I can say that it’s a lot different in watching alone. His presence gave power to finish it (LOL).

The parts that totally gave me goose bumps are the following:

1. The burning of the Ouija Board and the name left on it. (The board got fire by itself and the fire left letters on it.)

2. The footsteps made by the ghost while walking. (The white powder on the doorway fused on the ghost’s feet)

3. Hauling of the girl to the ground floor of the house. (Imagine, you are dragged from the second floor to the ground, Ouch, it hurts A LOT!, Anyway, the girl only had a huge bruise on her waist(?). Amazing (LOL)).

4. Finally, the murdering of the girl to his husband. (The girl doesn’t know what she’s doing. She sleep-walked to the ground floor. After that, the man followed him and a scream is heard. The lady then came back to their room with a bloody knife in her hand!!!)

I recommend you to watch the film. It’s thrilling and horrifying. Remember, have a companion. Yngatz and Godbless.

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