Friday, December 4, 2009

It's The Beginning... Again !?!?

I can say that this semester is the second part of the excruciating 7th semester. The first week of the sem became our imaginary planner for the semester because of long list of schedules for the approaching months. First in the list are the ever-living reporting every week. I hate reporting, actually. It feels like you’re on the spotlight and everyone is studying your every moves and spiels. You’re like a specimen who is being premeditated by more than 25 scientists (LOL). And the fact that you have to speak in England’s language added the agony of the reporter. And I hate it because I’m not into speaking English. I can’t explain something thoroughly using that lingo. And another one is never came a time that I didn’t buckle during reporting. Being the center of attention for a while is not one my dreams.

Anyway, aside from reporting, we have these seminars that we have to attend and conduct. I’m not into organizing blah blah blah. I’d rather collect money and manage it throughout the project than creating back drafts, invitations, hand outs, etc. I’m not an artistic person but I appreciate arts. I like choosing what is more beautiful than doing that beautiful thing (ANGGULO,LOL).

Next in the list are the defenses were going to take. First is in Compiler Design. I’m the one who is charge of the program (Lexical Analyzer) we have to defend during the defense. I’m working on it for almost a month already and unfortunately, I’m not yet finished with it. It is because, when I thought that it is already done, I will find some bug from the program, and I will fix it for a couple of hours. That thing happened to me several times until now. Actually, it already became a routine to me (LOL). Second in our defenses is in Database Management System (DBMS). Being busy with the lexical analyzer I’ve been working on, I can’t find a time (ows!?) to help my groupmates to do some of the documents involved in the forthcoming defense. I’m really focused on the program so I can assure that I know nothing during the defense in DBMS. Haha. The last (hoping) in the list of our defenses in this year only is in Networking Administration where we have to find a company which do not have any network connections. And after that, we have to create that connection properly so we can pass the defense.

Right now, the fantasy planner has six, including our report in DBMS, activities we have to finish and unluckily, I’m not yet able to accomplish any of these because of the time strain during these days. This week is our College Week and some classes are suspended because of the activities. Our report in DBMS is cancelled. It is supposed to be last Tuesday. Still I’m happy for the postponement of our report because truthfully, I can say to myself that I’m not yet ready to face the spotlight again.

Tomorrow, we will work on the coming seminar we will conduct in Timoteo Paez Integrated School. And hopefully, we can furnish the plans for the seminar; I can fully finish the program and our visual aids in the Compiler Design defense this Saturday tomorrow. For me to do that, I really need your prayers (LOL). That’s all. Yngatz and Godbless.

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