Friday, December 25, 2009

One Down, One Downfall

Saturday was our defense day on Compiler Design. As usual, the day before that was an exhausting day because we have to prepare for the visuals we will have to use the next day. We had our overnight at my group mate’s house. Since I’m assigned on the program of the lexical analyzing part of our programming language, I excused myself from doing the visuals even if I didn’t wait for my groupmates reply for my lame excuse (LOL). Because of the fact that some of the visuals were already done that time, we became relaxed unlike the past defenses on that subject that we usually cram because the visuals were time consuming and we usually do it by mid-week of the upcoming defense dissimilar to the last defense where even though there were many visuals to do, it was more of writing rather than cutting out shapes and attaching it to some giant plastic covers or cartolinas (joined together).

Since the call-time of the defense was 8:00 am meaning 7:30 to our prof’s watch (amazing!!!,LOL), we started taking a bath at exactly, 4:30 am. At that time, I didn’t have any idea that my lecturer on Automata and Language Theory, Mr. Ceasar M, was just at the living room. After taking the last footstep on the bathroom, my groupmates just said to me that my loving prof just passed by and just leave. At first, I didn’t believe what they have said but after seeing the cake he brought for us, that’s the time I’m already convinced that my caring prof just came by. Gosh!!! I just lost an opportunity to see him.

My prof will be leaving for Australia that day. And he will come back a year after. I will miss him so much because he had been not just a good lecturer to us but also a great friend. While debugging my program, I wrote a letter for him saying how much I appreciated his great effort to give us what he thinks we should learn. I also hope him great happiness in life that I know he hopes too for himself. Truly, I will miss his smile, his stories that I truly eared, the friendly consultations we had and of course, all the overnights we had with him.

Emoting aside, after eating the cake he brought for us, we already led to the school. The defense started after some minutes waiting. The main rule of the defense was if any error/s was/were found on the program, the defense proper will not proceed and the group will have a grade of zero for that defense. So after my professor/panelist tried some inputs on our program, some errors were found. To my surprise, the defense proceeded and ended very well. I’m so happy that my notion about the outcome of the defense didn’t come true. Because I thought that I will flunk the group. Well, I’m wrong and I’m happy about it.

Anyway, some more defenses were coming and I’m hoping that the same results will come into our group. Yngatz, Godbless!

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