Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ang Bulate, Bow!!!

I love Math, really. I profess; I’m one of those geeky persons associated to Descartes (LOL). I can’t line myself to the most intelligent persons I know when it comes to the field of Mathematics but I can say that, I’m not swanking it; I’m lying on above average when it comes to Math. I told you last time that I, with my friends, am not seriously studying when we’re on our freshmen year. But my passion in solving not-so-helpful-to-everyday-life math problems has thrown away that laziness. I got an average grade in College Algebra and Trigonometry when I finished my 1st year in the university.

When I hopped in to my course, everybody is chattering about our Calculus I (Math Analysis I) professor. As they say, she is one of the most terrifying professors they have ever met in our school. And that fuzz became a fact when she entered our room. The atmosphere became different. Everybody shut their mouth up and bowed their heads down. When she started lecturing, you should listen conscientiously so you can answer the next meeting’s assignment. Why the hell you should? It is because everybody should have at least one recitation within the semester. Because of that protocol and the fact that the subject was really hard, I had a low grade in that subject. To tell you a story, I haven’t got the chance to recite ‘til the time my professor demand (?) me to. I mean, recitations are voluntary and I don’t have the guts that time to write my answer on the board and explain it. So since it is a requirement to have at least one recitation, my prof commanded us to have one.

Where’s the worm?, I think you’re asking this to yourself. Well, the “worm” I’m talking about is the Integral sign that we (with the force of my classmates, LOL) hated so much. Haha. In Calculus I, we had an introduction to that Integration and in our Calculus II (Math Analysis II), the harder part of it was discussed. I realized that time that my fright in my professor on Calculus I contributed a bit that resulted to my bad performance in that subject. I said it because on Calculus II where my professor was a peer-type of person, I got the chance to recover my drowned aptitude (haha) in Math.

I hate worms. No offense. Well, I will praise someone who loves it. Its soft and long body was the one I hate a lot. Aaarrrgggghhh!!! It’s so eewy(LOL)!!! I’m not criticizing worms because I know it helps a lot when it comes to the field of greens, its just that I can’t help looking at it. It’s because it belonged to the family of animals I loathe a lot. The one I hate most is the centipede. I almost faint whenever I see that disgusting creature. First, my head will became huge because of fear; next, my body will shiver a lot and after that, I can’t move single muscle for minutes. Haha.

Anyway, when it comes to “my” turf, Math, I’m loving worms like the love I’m giving to my favorites. Well, I think God is giving me this mockery because of my hatred on worms (LOL). Yngatz and Godbless.

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