Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Ever Smiling Prof

Our enrollment for our 8th sem is scheduled October 30 this year. After finding out that I left some important papers in our house, I decided to get it. So some of my friends will already start the procedure while waiting for me. I came back to school 1 and a half hour after that. I was so disgusted when I learned that we can’t fully enroll that time because the school will only operate ‘til 12 pm. So we only accomplished the first step of the enrollment which is the processing of the PRF. Since we have nothing to do that time, we went to SM Manila to eat and watch a very cheap movie. Take note, the movie only cost Php 15.00. November 2 was holiday so the continuation of our enrollment rolled to November 3 and that is the first day to other colleges. After long hours of processing papers and paying some fees, two of my friends accompanied me to the mall to buy a bag. After that, we already went home to prepare for school since it is school time once again the day after that.

Our first subject for our first day for that sem is Engineering Economy. As the name implies, it can be assumed that the subject needs computation and my bestfriend calculator can be seen attached to our palms. That meeting is just like the typical first meeting with the non-dying introduce-yourself here and there. I can’t remember what definite meeting I noticed that cursed smile of my professor. One day I just laugh and smile because whenever he is speaking, his smile cannot be taken away from his face. Every time he lectures, asks questions, talks about his life, and even scolds his cute son, that ever-living smile of him can be seen from his face. I thought that is for only that specific time and after that, he will became very angry or mad or sad or irritated or something. But as the days go by, that mannerism of him didn’t change.

I don’t know what’s with him that he has that special attitude. I never saw a person with that kind of personality; so witty, happy-go-lucky, go-with-the-flow. Maybe he has a saying of “look at the brighter side of life” or a manner of “wear a mile on your face” or value of “thinking positive’. One day, I will just approach him and ask that question that is already bothering me for a while. Actually, it already brought me some sleepless nights (ECHOS!, LOL). But whatever it is, I’m giving him a round of applause because of that. Finished! Yngatz and Godbless.

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