Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Modern Heroes

I am already on my way home yesterday when I saw this classmate of mine circa 2002-2003. Actually he's also my schoolmate when we're in college but due to distant relation between our courses, all we'd do when we see each other were just simple nods and smiles. Anyway, I've learned that he's already a teacher in a private high school in Malate Manila. 

I don't know to myself but I always ask for their compensation everytime I meet someone at my age. Not really that I'm just comparing it to my income but I also want to know if their salary is equal compared to my other friends working in the same field. Like for example, my best friend is also a teacher in a public school. Better case because I can compare now the difference between the compensation of teachers in public and private schools. Actually, I'm not seeking for actual figures when I asked him that but to my surprise, he really told me numbers. And I'm schocked with what I've learned.

I have a bigger salary than my best friend. Not that big difference though. And my best friend has a bigger salary than him. With the same difference between me and my bestfriend. I'm just wondering how can he cope up with that kind of monthly income. I know the responsibilities of being a worker because I have all of that right now. I've pondered last night with the fact that he's living his life working with a very stressful job having an above the minimum wage and here I am blogging during office hours.

All of us will agree that teachers should be considered as the heroes of the new generation. Imagine the hardships they're going through with their everyday life. My friend told me that he has a call time of 7am and he wasn't able to go home at 4pm because he's busy preparing grades for the children. And guess what, out of the 6 sections he's handling in Filipino subject, 36 children we'll be tagged as failed this first grading period. And I can see in his eyes that he's having a hard time thinking of some ways just to not do what he's about to do. Imagine that!

Yesterday's ride with him was an eye-opener for me. I think I'm just living my life to the fullest not thinking the consequences I'll be facing once emergencies come in my way. I'm already working for two years now and I'm earning an amount which I think is enough for me to contribute with our daily expenses in the house, give little luxuries to myself and save. But the third one's been flying into oblivion. I can't help myself spending money. Actually, I'm having a hard time controlling myself  using my credit card. But to be honest, majority of the transactions on my credit card bill were for food. So it decreases my guilt. Hahaha. Another one is, I'm only 21 and I'm hoping I'll be able to save in the near future. Lame excuse I know. LOL. Anyway, I'm very proud of my friends who did it into their chosen career. Even if it's Engineering, IT, Nursing, Med(still studying), Law(still studying), Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Business Management, even the already moms and dads out there taking care of their super cute kids and of course the Teachers that helped us in walking in our way to where we are right now. Love you all. :-) 

KSGB! :-)

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