Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Serious Talk With My Mom

I was sitting in a jeepney going to Ayala when the lowest rib on the left side of my rib cage suddenly hurt. I thought I'll not be able to rode off the jeep because of that sudden attack of pain. Good thing I was able to endure the pain until I got home.

When I entered the office and told the story to my officemate, she advised me to already go to the hospital. I  already arranged my schedule for that day to go to the hospital but I noticed that the pain was still bearable so I decided to postponed the plan of going to the hospital until weekend in case the pain is still there.

I got home and told my mom what I'm feeling and she offered a massage. I'm so happy because nothing is more soothing than mother's touch. Indeed it was, because the pain suddenly decreased. While she was massaging me, our talk suddenly became serious.

My mom knows that I'm gay. That I'm a one of the hopeless kind. Meaning, my gayness has reached the level that I already can't be converted to a kind of gay that's discreet and planning to have a family. My mother really worry about me and my sister's future. My sister is a lesbian. I know right! My family have all the types of sexual orientation. Enjoy! Hahaha. My sister is like me. A conservative type. She doesn't wear the typical lesbian's outfit but she also doesn't dress in a feminine way. I understand what my mom's feeling. I, too, had gone that way. Worrying about the way my sister and I were heading. She also pointed out that it's ok if she and my father will be forever there for us but she told me that that's impossible.

But as I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, I already pondered on some things and already planned for our future also. I know it's been a norm that a guy will marry a woman someday and they'll have a family but it's for a straight guy. I'm not straight so I'll not be able to do that. Hahaha. Finishing our conversation, I console her by telling her that don't worry about us. Happiness was not only obtained by having a family. I told her that I already have a plan for my self and for the rest of the family. She only sighed for an answer. I hope it's a sigh of relief. :-)   

KSGB! :-)


  1. teh.. baka magka ulcer ka... ganyan ang nangyari saken nung nasa planta p ako.. pero pahinga lang ang katapat niyan... and wag papalipas gutom at wag kakain ng madami kapag gutom... lol...

    anyway... malay mo yung sisterette mo magkajowa ng pogi chos!!! napakoment lang teh!!!

  2. Iniisip ko nga din eh. Pero parang hindi naman. Kase hindi sa laman yung masakit eh, sa buto. Hahahaha. Pero sana nga hindi ulcer...