Friday, September 21, 2012


I think Covin still don't have a work up to this moment. It's been a year and a half since he graduated and fast approaching to 12 months since they passed the ECE licensure examination. Covin was a valedictorian in middle school. He's a consistent dean's lister except for just a semester. He almost got a Latin honor in college but he still don't have a job. Maybe he lacks virtues in terms of determination. 

I just realized one thing. It's not all about intelligence. You still need many factors in order to penetrate the corporate world. Not just good grades, neither recognitions and awards nor the school you came from. I was lucky I got a job several weeks after graduation. I maybe didn't start right after I got the congratulatory handshake from my interviewer but I'm already assured that I already will not struggle with finding a work. 

I know the feeling Covin's been going through. I, too, felt like the world's going to erupt anytime soon because of all the pressures you're facing. I'm just praying Covin won't give up and will soon find a job. Fingers crossed. :) KSGB! :-)


  1. Uu tama ka. Sometimes all u need is luck and diskarte. Kapag wala ka nun, wala masyado mangyayari. Hehe