Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Magic Ball 2012

I've always been fascinated scrutinizing (not physically though) gowns of women walking on the red carpet. I think being gay really influenced me a lot in terms of fashion. Actually, if I'm just good at drawing, I think I'll study another course and shift my path into fashion design but unfortunately, I'm not. Hahaha. Anyway, below are my Best and Worst Dressed in the Star Magic Ball 2012. It's still on-going while I'm writing this so sorry for some lacking info. I know we have different tastes when it comes to fashion but I really do believe that gays' instincts are somewhat connected to each other when fashion's the topic. I'll prove it by letting you see the pics below. :-)

My BEST DRESSED are as follows: 

The Sophisticated Ones

I don't know this girl but her name is Jerica Ejercito. 
Her gown was made by Rajo Laurel himself.
No wonder the dress is so stylish.

Devon Seron from PBB wore a classic black and white gown.
Simple but became elegant because of the crystals above her waist.
I don't like her purse though.

Here's Rica Peralejo wearing a black and white cocktail dress.
The belt accentuated the top part of the dress and
 its shine help the dress to have life.
I think the pearl necklaces were already not needed. 
A simple white necklace will do. 

The Fabulous Ones

 Scene burglar Bea Alonzo wore a feathery gown.
Nobody can resist looking at her "how-many-chicken-died" dress,
I believe so.
Confidence of Bea really helped her dress fantastically.
I don't think anybody can't cope up with dress except for her.

Kim Chiu nailed it again with her white gown  created by Edwin Tan 
bombarded with white stones.
The bottom part of the dress accentuate the refined skin of her.
The breast part of the dress would have been better 
if the gown's breast canal is wider.
That's just my opinion though. 
Nevertheless, the gown looks really good on her.

Maja Salvador proved that she's not a teenie weenie anymore 
when she ramped her gown.
I love how the part of the gown below her waist began to fly.
I also adore how her hair flows down to her gown 
which added spice to her look.

My Best Dressed of all is none other than Shaina Magdayao.
I don't like Shaina but when I saw this picture of hers,
 I know I'll not be biased.
This gown is to die for. Look how it emphasized her curves.
The backless effect of the gown will say to you that 
wait 'till you see entirety of me.
And it really did amazed me by the looks of her down below.
See how glamorous the gown? Hands up! Need I say more?


I'll just give a one word description for each one. Haha!

Angelica Panganiban by Ellie Saab

Bangs Garcia

Julia Montes by Pepsi Herrera

Kathryn Bernardo by Rhett Eala

Source : Google Images. LOL

That's all guys! Any violent reactions?LOL. Keep safe! Godbless. xoxo :-)


  1. Maganda naman un kay angelica in fairness :-)

    Pero tama ka best dress si shaina. I love it!

  2. Baka ang pangit lang niyang pic na nakuha ko. Wala na kase akong makitang iba. Saggy kase yung boobs niya diyan. Hahaha. Parang hindi fitted sa kanya yung gown. LOL.