Friday, August 16, 2013

Kiss My Ass

Oh, how I missed my blog! It's been three months since I posted that trash about Nancy Binay. Hahaha. What's new with me? Nothing. (Kaya nga wala akong ma-i-post. Haha!) Anyway, my life right now sucks! I'm currently on mid-shift, so my work starts at 1:30 pm and ends at 10:30 pm .I always come to the office 30 minutes early so when we're not doing anything important, I leave the office 30 minutes early too. I'm not sure how my (insert not so nice adjective here) boss will react to this. Knowing his attitude towards me, I'm sure he'll create a fuss over it. I know to myself that that's not a very good thing to do because we should follow our true shift but there's this incident that gave me the strength to continue doing this not-so-good thing. One time, I went to the bank to pay for my credit card bill  and he made my team mate to call and inform me that I am not supposed to do personal stuff during office hours. My face felt red because it's just 1pm and I'm still early for my shift. I made my team mate explain that and I'm sure he became embarrassed. Kiss my ass "Sir".


Because of my shift, I don't have the luxury of time to go to a mall during mid-week and worse, a Friday night. It sucks when it's Friday and everyone in the office is already prepping for their dates, meet-ups and night-outs and there I am, cramming for a deadline. Because of this, me and my friends agreed that we should place our gimiks on weekends.


I installed Grindr to my phone. Once in a while, someone messages me. They oftentime start with hi's and hello's and ends with nothing. That's the point I concluded that I'm really a boring person. Lol. It's because once they tell something about sex or dick or meetup, I suddenly become disappointed. Knowing the Maria Clara inside of me, serious and nice conversations for some time will do, then we'll go from there. I think because of that attitude of mine, I will never get a boyfriend. Hahaha. 


Oh gosh, I've written not so interesting stuff. Hahaha. I told you, nothing interesting is going on in my life right now. Lol. 

KSGB! :-)

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