Friday, May 17, 2013

The Story of Nancy Binay and My Stupidity

When the first partial and unofficial vote results for the Senators flashed on our TV screen, my mouth created a really big "O" when I saw the name of Ms. Nancy Binay on the Top 5 list. I didn't vote for her. I made her inside of the list of Senators I will never vote when I read the article on entitled "Overconfident Nancy Dares the Filipino People: Do not vote for me". I even suggested to my family to not vote for her while telling them the things I've read.

Election came and I asked our family members if they've voted for her and every one of them answered no. Wow, my opinion really weighs for them. Maybe they've been persuaded because I'm really furious while I'm telling them about the article. News on the TV constantly showed that Nancy really was already a sure winner. I already told myself that I'm really disappointed for the people who voted for Nancy not because she lacks political background but because even though she did what the article said, they still voted for her. 

One day after the election when I encountered again the link of the article in the newsfeed of my Facebook account using my phone. I read some of the comments and I was shocked. My phone uses mobile view by default after loading the page you're accessing and it's different from the looks of a website accessed using a pc so I was not able to see the description of the blog. The comment says look on the right side of the website to view the description of the blog. I instantly accessed the site using "Request Desktop Site" setting still on my phone and there I saw, the site is just a "satirical and fictional" blog. Sorry about that Nancy. It's my phone's fault(Haha!). I froze for a moment realizing that I made a very big mistake, not to myself but to my family members that believed on what I said about Nancy and worse, they followed my suggestion to not vote for her. Anyway, I'm not sure if they'll vote for her even if that article didn't came to my path. Did I already say sorry to Ms. Binay?   

I stated that I made a very big mistake to my family but not to myself. It's because I'm still not voting for her even if I knew right before I voted that the article is a fiction. I'll not elaborate the reasons why I'm still not voting for her because people (as if I have many readers. Haha!) who voted for her will just contradict my reasons and there will be a long debate on that. I believe that every one deserves to have an opinion and a stand and let's just leave it that way and respect it.

Even though I didn't vote for Nancy, I don't have anything against her. I'm just not satisfied with her experience. Ok, my mouth's already zipped. Anyway, I am sad seeing the things other people posted and still sharing in Facebook about the jokes on Nancy's looks and personal appearance. That's one of the attitudes of the Filipinos I most hate. It's ok to say your opinion about someone but be sure it's in line to what the topic is. Having a dark color skin doesn't have anything to do with working as a Senator. Grow up Pinoys. We hurt so much on some statements of other nationalities about us but we, ourselves, bash our fellow Filipinos. We can't change the status of our country if we have that kind of attitude.

I've already said my piece. Bow.

KSGB! :-)

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