Sunday, August 26, 2012


"No man is an island". I truly believe in this saying. No person can live with neither a friend nor a family. Just imagine how the world will be if you don't have any. Nobody to talk to.

I'm taking a great leap when it comes to going to work. Ever since my closest friends in the company left me, I said to myself that I need to survive. It's not all the time that your friends are there for you. True that I have other friends there but they have other important businesses to do rather than accompanying me to all my activities like having breakfast and merienda, going to the bank, going to the pantry just to get water or coffee(Yes, it's weird. That's how close we were.) and of course, the most important of all, having lunch. Haha!

I have this fear of mine having lunch alone. I looked it up in the internet and it's called "Solomangarephobia". Well actually, I can eat alone in my cube but when it comes in eating alone in public like in our pantry or fastfood chains or restaurants, it gives a notion that everybody might think that I'm snobbish, that I don't have any friends, that I'm anti-social. And I don't want that stigma to be associated with me. But when I'm contemplating about it, I always come to the realisation that maybe I'm just paranoid and I'm over-analyzing things.

Maybe people don't give a damn about it. Maybe they just want to finish their business, which is eating, just like me and actually don't have anything on their minds about people who are alone while eating. I have this friend of mine who said that it's no big deal to her if she eats alone. Anytime of the day. Anywhere. Because of that, I concluded that maybe I'm not matured enough to face the reality that eating alone is just another normal thing here in Earth.

So currently, I'm trying my best to be independent when it comes to eating alone. I have this friend who oftentimes accompany me when it's time to eat but I'm assuring that it will not affect her work beacuse she's a busy person. She sometimes just eat in her cube because there's no enough time for her to eat outside the office. So when it's time for me to eat alone and when I'm already finished eating, I feel like I accomplished something. Hahaha.

You thought this is a serious post? I think it's not. Hahaha.

Keep safe ya all. Godbless Mwah.

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