Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fright Night

I, with my friends Robert and Erika, watched Colin Farell's Fright last Friday. Yeah I know. Why is it that Colin's name I had mentioned and not Anton Yelchin's? Got it now? Haha. I'm not disappointed with the movie. I liked it actually. The phasing was good. It's not the typical kind of thriller movie that's full of bullshit dialogues. It did gave justice when it comes to giving "gulat factor" to the audience. The storyline was not boring and the special effects of the movie can't be considered as trash. No way, I'm not going to be a movie reviewer here. Haha.

Btw, the story goes like this. There's this nerdy friend , Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) , of Charley (Anton) that's suspecting Jerry (Colin) of being a vampire due to his investigation when one of their friends vanished. As the "cool student" he is portraying, Charley didn't believe what Ed had told him. One day,  Ed also vanished (bitten by Jerry and now also a vampire). Charley started to have suspicions  about Jerry being the killer/abductor of his friends so he went to Ed's house and there he found many evidences of Jerry being a true vampire. From that moment, Charley became anxious about their situation and started planning ways to get out with the dangerous villain, that was having a romantic affair with his mother, with the help of the town's vampire executioner  and the rest is history.

I'm giving this movie an 8.5. Oh wait. I must say Colin's hot. Super. Bwahahaha.

Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)

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