Monday, June 11, 2012

Glee Men

I forgot to say in this blog that I've been hooked in watching American series these past few months. Right now, I've seen five series namely The Walking Dead, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and lately, I'm watching Vampire Diaries. I know some of them are already old, I mean the series started several years ago, and I'm sorry if I'm already late for them. Hahaha. One of the major reasons why I'm watching them is, of course, the men in front of the camera. LOL. Can you blame me? I bet you can't. Refer to the pictures below for the reasons. Enjoy!

I'll start with the men of Glee.

Finn Hudson a.k.a. Cory Monteith - born on May 11, 1982. Raised by his mother, Cory had a drug addiction during his teenage years and went to rehab at 19. He has worked different jobs from Walmart people greeter(I'll include him in my shopping list if I can lol), taxi driver, school bus driver and roofer(wth??? ohhhh, it's the one who creates, arranges and finishes house roof. I thought it's one of the carpenter's job. Hahaha). He received his high school diploma in 2011. He's already 29 that time. He was casted as Finn in the audition where he drummed on Tupperware using pencils. Talented huh. He received numerous awards for this.

Noah Puckerman a.k.a. Mark Wayne Salling - aged 29 last August 17. Born in Dallas, Texas. He's younger than his other sibling. He was raised in a strict Christian home. I think it was hard for him to portray the character of Puck who is a devil in his looks with a heart of an angel. He was a member of his high school wrestling team. I'd like to see him in his uniform. LOL. He already released two albums which I'm not familiar to. LOL.

Mike Chang a.k.a. Harry Shum Jr. - born on April 28, 1982. Oh my, he's older than Finn. It doesn't show, in fairness to him. With his talent in dancing, he has appeared in dance films such as STomp the Yard, You Got Served, Step Up 2: The Streets and of course, Step Up 3D. He was also one of the lead dancers with stars such as Beyonce, Mariah Carey,  Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez. He's really talented in dancing huh. 

Lastly, Chord Overstreet - Youngest and hottest of them all. Well, for me. Lol. He just turned 23 last February 17. I'm only 21. Still can be! LOL. He is of German, Irish, English, and "a little bit of Native American" descent. Overstreet began to pursue his passion of performing after his high school graduation in 2007.  After two unsuccessful years, Overstreet started his acting career on the web series Private, as Josh Hollis.[12] He was also featured in an episode of iCarly iSpeed Date (for a few minutes) and the unaired pilot of No Ordinary Family.

Source: Wikipedia

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