Monday, October 3, 2011


Wednesday; I was about to leave the office when one of my buddies invited me to watch a movie (25-peso worth in SM Manila). It was a go for me so I waited for them to finish their work. The movie was already starting when I realized that I've already watched that movie before so I volunteered myself to fetch our friend at the entrance of the mall 'cause he's not allowed to enter the mall due to the time. I believe we all enjoyed the movie. XD 

I had my first night shift ever here in work last Thursday. Dinner was the first thing in my mind so I invited my friends to eat. We landed at Yellow Cab in Ayala Avenue. That ate nearly two hours of our time. I'm expecting a set of proponents that time for the never ending consultation for their thesis but I was advised by their thesis coordinator to not entertain them so instead, I just browsed their CFG (Context Free Grammar). I came back here in the office with the clock fast approaching midnight and I was like, "Geez, I'm here to work; not to eat or have a consultation session".

I finished my work very quickly. We went home by 6:30am. I hit the sack as soon as I enter our house. Woke up at 12:30pm and prepared again for office. Office hours were "free time" that day so I just watched movies. Yeah, it's really in plural form. Haha. Gone home again and went to bed early due to early commitment the next day. Chos!

On Saturday, I went again to our school and handled a defense on two set of proponents. No best news for the five of them (one was composed of two members and the other was three). Conditional passed is the verdict for both. I've waited for my friend to have a companion on our way home but it seemed that I'll wait for another two hours for him to be free (they're having make-up classes.) so I thought of messaging one of my high school friends who was still studying in PLM. I left my friend and we (me and my high school friends) agreed to meet in SM Manila and had our way to Panulukan Dos in Tayuman to have a nomo session. Haha. I came home tipsy (Echos! I just had a half bottle of beer) around 11:30pm.

I decided to add all the proponents I've handled in Facebook and I'm happy the he (the one I'm having a crush on. Let's call him Mr. Earthquake. Blame his surname. LOL.) confirmed my invitation. Sigh. I had again my emo hours last Saturday night and all throughout Sunday. Again and again and again. Sigh. Kthxbye!

Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)

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  1. ANG LANDDEEEEEEE.... hhahaah..

    chuchal ang nightshift nagyellow cab.. NKKLK hahaha...

    tas eto super mega landi kay mr earthquake ha.. after nung kay radar... NKKLK ulit... hahaha

    kaw na.. ikawwww na!!! charot.. :D