Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Last Thursday, we were advised that we'll  go to Alabang the next day to visit the company who acquired Headstrong (my current employer), Genpact. The resource management team told us that the visit will just circle around the presentation of  some of the people there regarding company background, etc. etc. so we were shocked when the "presentation" became a job offer. There's this project that will start asap and they're needing many people (from Headstrong and new hires) to manage the project. 

Then it's already Friday. I became nervous because of some notions came into my mind. The project is good. We will pioneer the said project and that, for me, is a very tempting offer. The office environment is also good. It's like you're working in a first class subdivision. Haha. The amenities/perks are way better than other companies (well, including Headstrong itself  Ssshhh. Lol). Imagine, discounts from many fine dining restaurants here in Metro Manila. That's a very big wow huh. And lastly, the people are the best. Yeah, they're so friendly (well, most of the people there that we've met) and very professional.

But there came the drawbacks of the project. First is the location. That is my first time in Alabang as far as I can remember and I really think that it's so far from home and I don't have plans of renting a house within the vicinity of Genpact. Second is the shift. Working hours is anytime (just accumulate the needed 8 hours) between 6pm to 9am the next day. Again, if ever I'll be deployed to it, that will be my first time to have that kind of  shift. And lastly, their rules and regulations. No cellphones, no internet, no pen and paper. You just have to bring yourself. That's it. And for that, I salute Headstrong. Hahaha. I really love Headstrong for having such employee friendly rules. Lol.

As of now, we weren't still advised about what is the outcome of the negotiations. Yes, we were having some demands like transportation service from Headstrong's office to Genpact Alabang, different allowances, and of course, salary increase. Lol. If ever ALL of them will be granted, then I'll be the one to come to Genpact Alabang, grab the contract then sign it immediately. Wahaha.


I came out of the office earlier than the usual. I'll be meeting that time the proponents of the defense I attended two weeks ago. It's not a secret from you, readers, that I have a crush on one of the proponents. I don't know if I overused my powers against them when I disapproved one of their "problems" in the thesis that we, me and my partner, previously approved just to prolong their stay. Hahaha.  

I came at the meeting place just minutes later than their arrival. To my dismay, he brought his girlfriend along with them. I am not warned nor informed about that so I'm shocked. Hahaha. But contrary to your sightings about what might happen because of  "her" presence, I gave my biggest and sincerest smile to her. I'm not the kind who will be pissed off just because of that. I'm a professional that time and not just some kind of silly lover. LOL. The consultation run from 7:30pm to 10:30 pm. It's so embarrassing that I didn't buy anything in the fast-food chain we're lying in. Adding insult to injury, I bought dinner from another store. I am so bad. So so bad. Imagine, we stayed there for three long hours and they'd just ordered light snacks. We're so bad. So so bad. Hahaha.


Saturday came. Yeah, another thesis defense day. I'm shocked when I saw my previous boss from OJT days, Sir Joey, that was also invited to sit in the defense. And to add spice to that, we we're partnered. It's his first time handle a thesis defense so I'm not that intimidated to him considering that he's already having more than thrice the experience as I have. Lol.

We sat for two set of proponents. The first one finished(well not totally finished because they have to have a consultation to me and Sir Joey before they will be totally passed)  smoothly. The second one gave us a headache. Gosh! They can't even simulate the algorithm. We need to stop that nonsense defense and gave them time to further study the algorithm and have a consultation with their adviser before they face us again. Are we that bad? No we're not. They themselves are self-confessed careless and lazy. The fishes were caught with their own mouths. Lol.

All in all, I sat for four set of proponents. Imagine the headache I had after the defense. My brain was drained, literally. 


I rode my way home all alone. My emo-ish personality came again and the rest was history. :-(

Keep safe guys. Godbless. :-)

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