Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it a Truth or a Lie? (Answers Revealed)

Due to insistent public demand (Isang malaking CHOS! LOL), below are the answers behind the post Is it a Truth or a Lie.

1.  I've never rode an airplane or a ship.

 (Truth. I've never traveled by either airplane or a ship. Hahaha. I'm so pathetic. Actually, the farthest place I've ever been was in Sorsogon   only. But hopefully, I'll be able to go to different places not only in the Philippines but around the world soon. :-) )

2.  The first time I cheated in an examination, I was only in second grade.

(Truth. This happened in our Science examination. My naughty seatmate (take note, she's a girl) had this crumpled paper containing  the answers to our examination. I don't know how did she have that copy. Oh well, the only thing that's running in my mind that time was to be able to copy all the things written on the paper. Turns out, we both had the highest score. Haha. No, we didn't had 100% correct answers because she told me to at least have an incorrect answer. Gosh, she's so mischievous. Up to now, I can't believe what I'd done at such a young age. Lol.)

3.  I did shoplift an item in a grocery store way back years ago.

(Lie. I 'd never stole any item inside a grocery/ convenient store since birth. But, yes, there's a big but, I did make loot some money from my mother's wallet to continue my vice, playing arcade games. Hahaha.)

4. When I was in Grade 4, I cried when my male classmates told me that one of my pretty classmates has a crush on me.

(Truth. It's one of the concrete evidence that I'm already gay way back then. Hahaha. What the hell am I thinking that time that I cried just because one of my girl classmates had a crush on me? I actually don't know. So weeeeiiiirrrdddd. That's one of the gayest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Lol.)

5. I became the talk of the town in our barangay when I punched one of my enemies with the classic "tsimosas" around us.

(Lie. I've almost done it but to my dismay, I am the one who was punched. Hahaha. And take note, our Barangay Captain, who was a very good friend of my mother, saw the whole incident. Ok fine, I'm such a sore loser. But you can't blame me. He had a companion that time so I really don't have the chance to win. Moreover, I'm so skinny that time that a light spank can make me lie on the ground. Hahaha. Oh well, actually, I'm still skinny now. Btw, the three of us are all gays. Haha.)

6. I did became a poser when I texted my one and only love Covin and pretended I'm a girl.

(Truth. Due to ever-living curiosity in me, I texted Covin and pretended I'm a girl. I know it's such a silly thing to do. But I didn't regret what I've done. I had the weirdest reply I got from him. At first, he didn't entertain my plea to be his textmate but after several minutes, he, knowing I was a girl, asked if I was still a virgin. I was like WTF!!! I started feeling naughty that time but it turned out to be that that's already his last text. I replied a lie to him. I said I wasn't anymore. Maybe a pale of cold water was poured on him for him to stop that nonsense. I was like, "sayang, yun na yun eh". Bwahahaha.)

7. I so love dirty lookin', old-fashioned, nerdy type BUT cute guys.

(Lie. A very big LIE! I hate guys wearing preppy, colorful, jologs outfit. It is absolutely an "eeeewwwww". Hahaha. I also don't like guys looking geeky. The ones wearing very thick eyeglasses (I hate myself ?) and having so many science books in his backpack. I'm so very choosy. Me already! Haha. I like cute guys. And when I say cute, he's not that handsome enough to fulfill many fantasies. I just want a simple guy with big cheeks. Number one on the list of my fetishes. Hahaha.)

8. I became a member of gay dating site, met a naughty cute guy and did naughty things.

(Lie. I've never been a member of a gay dating site. I knew a lot of them but there's something in me that's saying gay dating site is not a "go go" for me. Maybe because I'll be addicted to it and I don't want my life to revolve only in the world wide web.)

9. One of my fetishes is hairy armpits.

(Lie. I also hate men with very hairy armpits. If it will enter my fetishes' list, maybe it will fall on the 10000th spot. I want a man with very good physical hygiene. I want a vain one. But not that vain to the extent that he's already very girly. Lol. )

10. I'm still a virgin. Never been kissed, never been touched.

(Truth. Yes, I'm a certified member of the Virgins' Club. Well, actually, I can nominate myself as its President. Haha.)
That's all. I hope you'll not be disappointed with the things I've shared in this post.

Keep safe guys. Mwah mwah. Godbless. :-)


  1. wala naman may gusto ng di cute e! hahaha

    ako nag shoplift na dati and get caught! naipublished ko pa un sa blog ko years back~!

  2. Eh kase nakakatawa yung description ko ng cute. Kelangan malaki yung pisngi. Hahahaha.

    OMG! Anong nangyari sayo nun? Nakulong ka? Hahahaha